Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Millennium Park: Check

Fountain, Bean, Bridge, Symphony Rehearsal, and a train ride home with two sleepy kids.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gigi Bottega

What a wonderful surprise this little boutique was! My mother kept mentioning this Gigi store and I never even asked any questions, it was just on our list of places to peruse downtown Bloomington. And the list was small. I never imagined that it would be filled with some of my besties...B.B. Dakota, tons of Alternative, and lots of affordable adorables.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

'Mazing Mascara

Sometimes, I don't wash my face before bed. There, I admit it. There are several reasons for this. I may have fallen asleep on the couch and am doing a zombie walk to bed. I may fall asleep in mid-sentence reading Cat in the Hat to the kids for the umteenth time...or once in a great while, it is because I get home late and just simply can't wait to crawl into bed. Whatever the reason, with this mascara, I NEVER wake up with those crazy black eyes. In fact, I could probably go the next day without reapplying and pass it off as that day's makeup. I usually don't do this, but it's tempting. And I could probably get caught in a massive downpour, sans umbrella or shelter, and this mascara wouldn't budge. Def. a best!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I stumbled upon this little gem of a boutique after a trip to the Sawyer Market (which is an amazing place and will save for another post).

I saw this amazing space from across the road and it sucked me in like only a cute little boutique can. This is seriously the cutest space I have ever been in. The vibe is incredible...Mayberry mixed with urban loft feel. And because most everything is made out of recycled items, the greeness of it all, just adds to that good feeling. Hey, we all have to do our part, and if shopping here helps the environment, I am ALL FOR IT! There, easily justified.

Being so consumed with the space itself, and not wanting my peonies to start fading in the 90 degree car, I didn't take a super close look at the clothing. And the items that I was interested in were out in my size, so I can't really comment on the clothes. Except there was this amazing little shirt dress that I haven't stopped thinking about..a sure sign of a future bestie.

Catherine Doll is on my radar!

Old Sawyer Fire Station

5844 Sawyer Rd.

Sawyer, MI


It's Complicated...but the kitchen is amazing!

Just returned from our Christmas weekend. Planning on a week of playing, cooking (thinking about getting ahead for the new year and freezing some meals), and recharging for 2011.

Repost from 6/10/10...Love this kitchen set.

My idea of a perfect Saturday that took place last weekend!

Morning: Run, shower, hang with the kids at the Green City Market...purchase Peonies, tomatoes, Brioche cup for the kids (and a little for moi).

Lunch with kids and hubs (fresh mozzarella, tomatoes from the market, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a little pepper - delish!)

Afternoon nap.

Late afternoon pool session with hubs and has clouded over and as we step out of the locker it's starts pouring. Wait it out and walk home in a sprinkle.

BBQ and make dinner with kids hanging on the's still slightly raining. Enjoy a few glasses of vino during and after dinner.

Read to kids and put them to bed.

Open the windows, it's slightly stormy now, feel the cool breeze and cuddle up with my Barefoot Dreams blanket. Get movie from On Demand...I have been wanting to see It's Complicated. Enjoy every minute of movie! Enjoy the set design even more!

Can't go right to have to google It's Complicated set design first...of course. Slightly disappointed to find out that the interior of the house in the film is not real and was shot on a stage in Brooklyn. Not letting this put a damper on my perfect on and on about the design in the film.

Fantasize about moving to Santa Barbara and buying the exterior house in the film and turning the interior into the movie set. Fantasize even more about owning own bakery, being an award winning actress like Meryl Streep, having a view of the ocean from my second floor, pastries....and doze off to sleep on my back (bc i heard that sleeping on one's back can keep facial wrinkles at bay)....

Just a little slice of heaven on a Saturday!

Monday, June 07, 2010

The lazy days of hanging at the pool, evening walks to the ice cream store, searching for beach glass along the lake all give me so much joy and are just about as comforting as mac n cheese with a side of mashed potatoes. And having children allows me to experience it all over again through their eyes! Summer awaits!

I was reminded of all this as I read the Chicago Tribune magazine on Sunday morning. The magazine featured "The Rules of Summer." With an intro by Rick Kogan (a Tribune writer who happened to grow up in my current condo unit) the magazine left me with a list of summer must do's and anticipation!

As I finished the magazine and enjoyed my last sip of hot coffee, all I could do was fantasize about iced coffees, lake breezes, fireworks, and dinners on the porch.

The kids and I all all wrote down things we want to do this summer on little posties...and we hope to pull them out one by one and do summer one day at a time.