Saturday, June 30, 2012

Puffer fish

Here's the deal.  I slept really hard the other night and woke to find a HUGE sleep line imbedded in my cheek.  I am not exaggerating, it was a huge red valley that looked like it would never go away.  So, this is what I did all day long....

Friday, June 29, 2012


Besties, I am still getting organized here and haven't downloaded all the photos from our trip, nor have I finished unpacking.  Today is the day though (as I have told myself every day this week).

I have been in a thrifting mode this season and wanted to share some fantastically preppy finds:
Michael Kors never worn jellies, uber preppy tie for my little man, canvas nautical-ish belt for moi, never worn white jeans in the perfect length and classic not skinny, but not wide either fit and an amazing cozy sweater dress for fall.  And all for a total of $35 - it was a half off day!  Woot.

The jellies remind me of, well, of course the old jelly shoes we use to wear and also those meshed Esprit shoes from the late 80's - anyone? anyone?  They had holes and laces.

The jellies are several seasons old, but MK is doing a jelly sandal this season for $49.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

a rainy afternoon in the west village

I was lucky enough to make two visits to nyc within a week.  There's nothing like a good dose of the big apple and a rainy afternoon only added to the excitement and lure of the city.
A walk under my umbrella to a client lunch at an amazingly yummy and cozy cafe in the west village kicked off my first visit.

fun stackable rings found at madewell!

check out their site; the photos want to make you crawl right into their world.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sangria in a Pot

Besties, I am struggling to get back into the blogging groove after being away for most of the past two weeks.  It may have something to do with being surrounded by piles of unopened mail, have unpacked suitcases, and gorgeous weather!  I have many updates to share this week, but want to start with a simple one.  This is a little thank you I put together for my kind neighbor who did some "flower sitting" while we were away.  But I think this would be a lovely summer gift for many occasions.  A bottle of Sangria in a clay pot.  Perfect for you green thumb friend, a weekend host, or Birthday celebration.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

i'm on vacation

and will be back to regularly posts next week.
lots to share 
(including how to have a good day in nyc with a 4 & 5 yr old and many road trips tips)

now, back to my magazines....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

loft love

i have become obsessed with loft spaces.  the openness is very appealing and i dream of kids rollerskating to the dinner table.  here are some photos i snapped of a loft i was recently in - well, we were in a party next door and it's connected to this space.  the owner walked in and was a little suspicious of my picture taking, however, after learning he was a photographer, he may have been more appalled at my shotty skills.  either way, i explained that i wasn't casing the joint and only loving his space.

i'm off to nyc this morning for work.
hope to give you a good visual dose of soho and the big city when i return.

Monday, June 11, 2012


into our lovely chicago summer weekend.....

Lemonade Crush
(Strawberries, Lemonade, Ice and Mint - blended)

got to meet the lovely Danielle of elleinadspir for a morning of coffee, market strolling, and a little shopping

i have a new favorite chicago cupcake!

can't go wrong with a white dress for a little art fair perusing on a 90 degree day

wearing my favorite poppy fields hat from anthro

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Height of Fashion

The SoleSurvivor Film event last week at Vertigo Sky Lounge was a success.  A few fashionable photos from a night in a sexy venue with summer skylines views.  And what an inspiration for summer dresses, frocks, and more.  All photos courtesy of Andrew Leon Hensley and A/S/L Media.

some besties

production team

great auction items including scarf by JessLC

and amazing gold clutch by Taylor

Many heartfelt thank you's to all who attended and participated!


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

watermelon spritz

My sister n law sliced up the most refreshing post beach cocktail the other weekend.  After a ninety degree, five hour beach session, nothing else could've taken a better bite out of the heat.

Vodka Watermelon Spritzer

  • Fill an entire glass with chopped watermelon pieces
  • Add desired vodka amount
  • Fill rest with club soda
  • Add fresh lime juice
  • Mint garnish (the only thing this was missing)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Market Post

Absolutely gorgeous day at the market last Saturday with vibrant colors galore!



Monday, June 04, 2012

Full Disclosure

Sometimes I get the impression that most mom bloggers are insanely organized with perfectly cleaned homes and meals coming out of the oven from scratch on a daily basis.  Maybe it's all the great tips and tidbits that they share with their readers that gives me this impression.  Full disclosure here:  This is not one of those blogs and I am not one of those moms, but you may have already guessed that.  I will fully admit that I am organizationally challenged and my house can go from clean to crazy in a nano-second and going the reverse (from crazy to clean) takes thousands of seconds.  I have many piles that look like photo below all over my house, which is why I am over the moon happy that school is out and I can get through these piles of paper that come home in the backpacks.  I know, I know that I should be going through them, as they come out of the backpack, over a recycling bin, but I don't.  I let it all pile up until I am near nervous breakdown and close to being chosen as the next cast member of Hoarders.

But here is my dilemma.  In these piles are little precious things like this one below, which leads me to another full disclosure about how this sweet little project was explained.  As I pulled this out of the backpack and read it, my eyes instantly began tearing as I turned to my son and asked, "Oh, did you write this in school today?"  My heart was warming and any mom guilt I had was beginning to dissolve as I waited for his response:  "Oh yeah, Mom, I couldn't decide what do write so I copied Collin's."  My silly me response of, "Of course, you did honey" was caught by my husband as we exchanged expressions - his seeming a little more smirky than mine :)  Ahh, the honesty....the honesty.  My son did another project for which he wrote that he was thankful for his "kinda the best Mom" as he was told not to copy the teacher's who had written, "the best mom."

But how do I part with precious artwork, mother's day gift, and all the sweet things of a four and five year old?  Have a good organizing / what to toss system to share?

Looking forward to getting organized and letting summer mode engulf this house!!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Harajuku Mini


You know when you are shopping in a cute little children's boutique and everything is so darn stinkin cute but you know the price takes match the adorable prints and well-made designs?  This was my feeling the other day when shopping for a few new summer items for my daughter.  I was surrounded by one fun print after another!  But the best part came when I realized that I was in TARGET and the adorableness was a line by Miss Gwen Stefani herself - Harajuku Mini.  I am probably jumping in late in the game here as the line has been out for awhile, but the summer line is nearing perfection.  And now, I see that Target is doing a price cut on many of the items!

We also have this awesome grey jersey dress and romper.  100% cuteness!

Besties, it's been a busy few weeks and I have lots of reading and writing up on!
Don't give up on me yet.