Thursday, October 24, 2013

monday blues turned upside down

I drafted this four weeks ago - that's how long it has taken me to actually get back to posting.  No time for proofing....

During Monday's walk to to school I told the kids (with much enthusiasm) that it was going to be a great day! Their response, in full on sing song style kids speak, "Noooo it's not.  It's Monday, we don't like what we're wearing and our hair is messed up."  Apparently, my son took it upon himself to speak for both of them, but the gym uniform wasn't cutting it (he has this thing with long sleeves paired with shorts) and my son's bedhead was still on the pillow.  My daughter's hair wasn't a mess but I let him feel like he had a partner in the bad hair day department.   I kept up my positive attitude all the way through the hugs and kisses good-bye.

The Monday blues have a strong way of taking over, but little did I know that they were about to be cured with a little thing we call retail therapy.  After dropping the kids, I was off for a morning power walk and met up with a bestie for a stroll down the lakefront.  Our chatting kept us walking quite far and we ended up making our way back through the city and finding ourselves on Michigan Ave.  Window shopping was quite fun until we decided to hover in front of H&M as we were both googly eyed over a gray knit winter hat.  And guess what?  They were open.  My bestie instantly spotted the perfect sweater and ten minutes later we were in line.  Since I didn't anticipate a long walk nor a shopping trip, she had to spot me.  In line we stood with extra wide smiles until the woman in front of us was asked for an i.d.  We barely had our sneakers on let alone i.d.'s.  And with all the joy and enthusiasm she could muster, she stepped up to the counter in full campaign mode.  She played the mom card instantly and explained that we weren't expecting to have so much fun after dropping off our kids at school and H&M this and H&M that.  By the end, there was no way that cute 22yr old man boy was going to burst our bubble.  Two separate bags and $5 off our next purchase coupons, we flew out the door like fairies.  With two new hats (gray and black) and one perfect sweater, we had an extra swing in our step!  No extra time spent thinking about what to wear and I was off with coffee in hand and sporting my new find.  And all for $50 - my kind of monday blues therapy budget.

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