Thursday, March 31, 2011

London Calling

Bestie had the right idea...last week she took us back to her honeymoon and she let us dream with her about pristine white beaches, afternoon naps, and a cocktail or two (why do my posts always mention cocktails?). hubby and I took a different route almost 7 years ago, we headed to London. We are both obsessed with the Beatles, I LIVE for Wills and Harry, and he tries to pepper his speech with the occasional "Cheers". A recent discovery brought me back to that trip and also got me inspired to pepper my wardrobe with color. Do you know Boden? A friend of mine slipped me their spring catalog as I was headed for a flight. I was transported and quickly fell in love with the sweet clothes and great colors...but besties...I am a sucker for how they phrase things in Boden's catalog....sweaters are "jumpers" and pj pants are "pull ons" was like I was back in London! Okay, maybe that's a stretch but I will take what I can get. Check them out and see where it takes you!

xo - fwb


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

J. Crew Blog

Have you been keeping up with J. Crew's new blog?  If you haven't, it's a must follow.  Oh, to work for J. Crew....I am sure that some employees work in cubicles and get annoyed at their co-workers for stealing staplers, right?  Right? I'm just not getting it from this blog.  I'd like to go to Italy for inspiration or vintage shoe shopping in L.A. for research!

Motivational Sneakers

On day four of consecutive work-outs.  It's all about momentum, so I must keep it going.  Keep.  It.  Going.  I am also finding that I am definitely in a better mood post a morning workout...but maybe that's just my coffee kicking in...or maybe it's my bright green and yellow pumas.       When I lived in ny, I was on a big EURO sneakers kick and I got a pair of Pumas at a sample sale.  I also got the classic Pumas that every Mom (funny, tho, I wasn't a mom back then, hmm) had with the velcro strap.  Yep, had them in baby blue and pink. Looking to replace the old kickers with some brighter colors and this next Puma had me at the pink sole.

  Are you keeping up the momentum?  What motivates you?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


AVEC Restaurant Chicago
the green wall at the back of the narrow space is a wall of horizontal wine really stunning..
Don't you love an impromptu post work, early dining session with your besties!  There is a big busy world out there at 5pm, the time I am usually in the midst of the witching hour at home.  It's like being on a mini-two-hour-vacation!  Case in point:  
1.  I was home by 7:30
2.  We enjoyed delicious wine and shared mini plates   
3.  I met my the form of a focaccia.  It is described as  "deluxe" focaccia with taleggio cheese, truffle oil and fresh herbs.  Cooked to a golden brown crispy perfection....a little slice of heaven avec friends!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Stuck in St. Martin, with a side trip to Anguilla

Besties, ever since I pulled that rainbow photo, I can't stop dreaming of St. Martin and Anguilla...the islands we habited on our honeymoon.  I'm stuck there and I can't leave.  I'm having coffee there as we speak, on one of those yellow chairs below, you just can't see me (i'm over to the left).  And for some reason, I can't feel the sun either....and wait, a little voice is asking me for a milk sippy...aren't they supposed to be waiting on me here?

the cuisineart hotel
you may recognize this pool from the Bachelor, it's actually in Anguilla and where Ashley professed her concern over the other girls, Chantal had a breakdown after too much sun and probably too many cocktails, and Michelle jumped on Brad during the Sports Illustrated photo shoot....good stuff.

downtown st. martin
i have finished my coffee and am perusing french beauty products in the Pharmacie now...floppy straw hat and all

and now i am back at the beach.....

champagne anyone?  perhaps a mimosa on the veranda

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dreaming of Spring....

taken in 2004, on my honeymoon, in st. martin

Happy Friday, Besties!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Don't you just love when a blog post just falls in your lap?  I mean, it's like a gift from the heavens.  And I was granted this gift when not one, but two of my male co-workers showed up in the same shirt as moi on the same day!

j.crew / levi's / j. crew

So....who wore it better? 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring....

....And I have cute boots!  Despite my husbands discouragement (yes, he has his own fashion opinions AND expresses them), I jumped on the welly bandwagon last year and bought myself a pair.  This is after a year of waining on the issue right before it rained for a million consecutive days straight.  And then I finally got my boots, and it didn't rain for the longest time. I remember texting my friend the first day it rained, "boot weather - yay!"  I didn't go Hunter though, I went Tretorn and am happy about it!  I stayed with my usual, safe boring shade of grey (but they do have a cute aqua blue stripe detail).  My girl got me thinking yesterday in her nyc post about how a bright colored trench would pair nicely with them.....

Are you in wellies today?

p.s.  Guess it's all about fashion this week over here (it's a break from real life, I guess)... REALLY wishing it was all about Spring, but snow is in our future :( So, tomorrow I'll be posting on snowboots, down jackets, and cozy sweaters...NOT really, but that's but I'll be armored in.  Will winter ever end?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I {heart} NY

Don't you just love New York? When I have the chance to be there I just drink it in...for some reason when I am in NYC I have so much to walk several blocks just to be to stay out late for cocktails even when I have a full plate the next day...something about this city does it for me. In the spirit of the "stroller cam" here is a pic from the Blackberry cam.

Being in NYC also got me head was turned by many chic NYC girls with their straighter than straight jeans, cool flats, and bright colored trenches. It was just starting to get a little warmer in the could feel Spring in the air. Even the men look different here...I was downtown near Wall Street and the uniform was classic...cufflinks are a must and even the toughest Wall Street tycoon doesn't mind wearing a splash of pink.

How are we feeling about my latest finds from Madewell plus a sweet little coral cross body bag our fave girl Emily posted about from Forever 21?
Can you picture it? Sunday brunch with the girls...a mimosa in hand?

xo - fwb


Monday, March 21, 2011

Armed and Dangerous

I was fighting a cold this weekend so when my neighbors invited the kids for an outing, I couldn't turn down the few hours to myself.  That combined with my husband doing the grocery shopping, my cold was nearly cured (well, not really)! And in my few hours alone, I reunited with a few old friends: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda in SATC the movie (the first one, the good one).  They always remind me of a few of my own love affairs.  My love affair with my friends, fashion, and a little city that never sleeps.

It also reminded me of a quote that I read or heard recently, and I can't remember where or when (which is driving me coocoobananas) but it went something like this:  "Fashion is our armor in life."  Yes, this is a little dramatic and over the top, but it got me thinking that my armor, although perhaps strong in that most of it is black, needs a little spicing know, for some real protection!  Perhaps, a little danger added to my closet, will help fight off stress, time management issues, and maybe even this annoying cold!

Do I go the Diva route? (I mean, let's not go overboard here)....

image via Zappos

Or Graceful?
mac by marc jacobs skirt

j'adore this blouse!
Safari (-ish)... n flirty..i cwould(could and would) never wear these shorts tho....

I think that a little bit of everything is good.  Hey, my daughter doesn't want to dress as the same princess everyday, why should I?

Keeping in the SATC spirit, my bestie co-contributer, will be posting tomorrow on a little slice of life in NYC!
And I'll be back with shoe shopping in the spirit of helping others! 
Hey, I can't mention SATC without talking about shoes.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glowing in Old Town!

For today's Listography (list cocktails you've tried), I am going to have to re-post some photos from last summer.  My husband and I were on a "staycation" (while the kids were at their grandparents for the weekend).  We spent our precious few days lounging by the pool, going out to dinner in the neighborhood, and pretty much doing whatever we wanted WHenever we wanted.    I happened to snap some photos of some pretty great cocktails that I enjoyed.

1. The Peach Limeade Martini at Kamehachi. Sounds super sweet but it was surprisingly not. Just pure yum.

2. 33 Clementine from Club 33

The drinks were glowing, I was was pretty much all aglow!

3.  Sangria from Benchmark

I closed the weekend with a so-so Sangria from Benchmark. The mediocre taste could not bum me out as I had just spent two full hours poolside (with trashy magazines and all) prior to this drink.

Here's to mini-staycations!

You can link up your LIST at A Place to Share!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some things never change...

I distinctly remember this being my uniform in 1980 and 1981.  Nikes with the red swoosh, painters pants, and a light blue or chambry button down shirt (although I don't think mine was RL)  My best friend, Nikki, wore the same outfit so we could be twinsies.  This was all pre-purple infatuation that held my wardrobe hostage between third and fifth grade. 

In 2011, I would like this to be my Spring uniform.  It's quite updated from my first grade look, but you know, it's still kinda the same (minus the hottie shoes, of course).
This is actually from the Spring 2010 Look Book, but hey, classic never goes out of style.

I am pretty sure that I could live in these pants...

Do you have a Spring uniform ready?


Monday, March 14, 2011

My Script


We briefly see a woman run out the door of a 4 story condo building on an urban street (wide shot)

Cut to close-up shot of her Ugg boots running quickly down the sidewalk.  We catch site of an envelope in her hand.

Cut to shot of busy four-way intersection.  Uggs stop to wait for cars.

Wide shot of the woman dodging traffic (a car honks at her as she steps back to avoid getting hit).  Cut back to the Uggs.  We hear her heavy breathing.

Next shot is of her wrist is 5:27.  Back to Uggs.  Cut to shot of her hand on a door with a sign "School office hours 7:30-5:30pm.


Wide shot of a large brick building, obviously an old-school academy-type building, with two sets of stairs leading up to the large entrance.  Establishing shot of a school administrator's office.  We see shots of a chalkboard, child's desk, table and chairs, and a hopscotch rug.

The administrator is sitting with a child at the table.  We see the mother about to sit down in a chair in the corner of the room.

Administrator:  "Yes, please have a seat.  You can be present for the assessment."

Mom:  (smiles)

Administrator (to the child):  "Would you like to do this puzzle with me?"

Mom:  (can't help butting in):  "Patrick, of course you can do that puzzle.  Put the tiger in the correct place."

Administrator:  "What kind of animal is this?"  (pointing to a puzzle piece)

Child:  "This is a baby puzzle"

Administrator:  "Ok, let's do something else. Look what I have"  she says as she waves a baggie filled with a half-dozen worn down crayons

Child:  (not impressed)  "I use markers."  And he heads for the door.

Mom:  raises shoulders, tilt head "I guess it's not his best time of day?"


We are in the same school as scene 2, just different office, the admissions office.

Same Mom as above sitting next to her husband.  We cut to a nameplate on the desk in the room, it simply says "Admissions Director"

Husband picks up a school news letter on the coffee table dividing them.

Husband:  "Who is this guy, he looks familiar?"

Admissions Dir:  "The Headmaster of the school"

Mom:  laughs nervously and smooths her hair with one hand


We see the mom kneeling down and putting on her daughter's jacket

Mom:  "Where's that hairbow I put in your hair?"

Daughter:  "It doesn't match, I am not wearing it"

Mom:  "It does match, please just wear it"

Daughter:  "NO"

Mom:  "If you wear this hairbow, you can take it off after the playdate."

Daughter:  "NO"

Mom:  getting down face to face with the girl, looking right into her eyes, "If you wear it, you can have that bubble gum tape when you get home."

Daughter:  eyeing her mother with squinty eyes..."Deal"


And, if you actually got down to this point and didn't click to a new blog, that may not be so wordy or have pretty photos, you will find that .....


The preschool and kindergarten application process in Chicago

(cue:  the dramatic score)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wedding Bartender

I usually don't post on weekends, but the week ended on such a low note that I wanted to perk up the blog spirit a bit and post one of my favorite photographs from 2004.  Our wedding photographer took this photo right before our wedding reception.  I was delighted to find this photo in the mix of all the event photos.

Happy Weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I was writing this post in my head last night as I was up with my little guy, opening his eyes every few hours, due to a nasty eye/ear infection.  I am going to skip the original thoughts and just say this.  My thoughts go out to families that are struggling with illness and really sick children. And now, as I wake this morning to the horrible news in Japan, prayers going out to the people of Japan and all affected by the pending tsunami that is expected to hit Hawaii and the West Coast.  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

beauty bag

1.  Trish McEvoy Mascara:  Why?  Because you could get caught in a monsoon, cry your eyes out during The Notebook, or frolic in the ocean and this mascara is not going to budge.  I'm serious...

2.  Benefit 10 Bronzer:  Why? Because it doubles has a cheek highlighter and under brow shadow - the pink side that is.  And who doesn't want to be a 10 (genius marketing)?

3. Laura Mercier shadow in ShimmerPlum:  Why?  Because a little sparkle brightens up any cloudy gray winter day.  Caution though, this must be applied over a cream base shadow for it to stick and shimmer.

What goodies are currently in your bag?  It's good to share secrets!  xo

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

nostalgia junkie

I am a huge nostalgia junkie and Ebay is my drug.  You've seen me high on vintage lip balm and 80's movies. I was delighted to see that this week's LISTOGRAPHY list is....
            LIST YOUR FAVORITE EBAY SEARCHES.  Yes!  I get on huge kicks where I research every toy from my childhood on ebay until I find them.
My VERY favorite search:  Vintage Bonne Bell lip smackers - this is a little disgusting - i don't really want to see the inside of a lip balm from 1980 - but i just like to reminisce
current search results: vintage ad featuring the chunky sticks on chains!

Vintage Fisher Price anything
current search results:  holiday inn (love; super satisfying)

i often search these Fisher Price Milk Jugs; just to stare at them 

Sweet Valley High Books from the 80's - another favorite   

(who could forget the Wakfield twins, the crash, the holiday special, etc...)

current search results:  all of these for $35 - what a deal!

and finally, two of my favorite ebay purchases (pre-children, mind you)

FASHION PLATES (my all-time favorite toy that I currently make my children play with)

and a HOLLY HOBBY COLORFORMS KIT (it's of the picnic with holly and heather, does anyone remember this?)  i don't have a current photo, but i will snap one soon.  love it and my daughter loves it!
i could go on and on, but i will keep it to my faves!!! 


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Baseball Caps are Banned

I have never been a fan of the baseball cap as the "go to" when you don't know what to do with your hair or if you don't have much time to do it...if you went to college in the nineties then you know that the baseball cap used to be a widely accepted accessory...but personally, I don't wanna go back.

Over the weekend I tested out three new chic "go to" hairstyles from some of our fave bloggers. I needed some quick and easy options for when:

I'm running late...I'm being lazy...It's raining...I'm running late...

You get the idea.

I still strive to look cute and pulled together...I just don't want to spend forty plus minutes making it happen.

Here are a few looks that I tried and actually pulled off:

We besties have lovingly been referring to this look as "The Syd"...we are officially obsessed with The Daybook and not only love her style ideas but are now rocking The Bun on a regular basis.

A Cup of Jo calls this one "Three Twisted Buns". I call it perfect for a rainy day.
Photo courtesy of Jamie Beck

Running out for coffee with the besties or picking the kids up from school? 
"The Messy Side Ponytail" is where it's at!

Photo courtesy of Jamie Beck

Go ahead and give it a try! The tutorials make it easy to look effortless...

xo - fwb

Style: Three Messy Buns

Conditions: Rainy and Running Late