Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"God made everything in the world except shoes.  The shoemaker makes the shoes."
                                                                    -my three year old bestie

A perfect introduction to Do THESE Come in My Size?
                                     hers                                mine
land's end handsewn moc $34.50                                       Lamo Sheepskin Moc $69.00

                                 elephantinto Olive Stretch boots Garnet Hill $69.00                 j.crew ryder boots $268   
                                      i wish they made these exact boots in my size!
                                   still trying to convince her that gray is the way to go, 
                                    but hard for a girl whose fave colors are the 2 p's

loving lately

Thought I would change the subject to one of my faves....products, also a good distraction from the back to school chaos!  A few I have been loving lately:

BUTTER Nail pain in shade Yummy Mummy!

Love this line of nail polish for it's "3 Free" push...meaning that it's free of three terrible ingredients that I can't pronounce and definitely don't want penetrating my nails...I'd rather take my chemicals in the form of Diet Cokes, wrinkles reducers, and teeth whitening products, thank you very much.

Yummy Mummy is Butter's best neutral shade...they have yet to come out with the ballet slippers or east hampton cottage equivalent.

BENEFIT'S Bathina! 

I can't believe that I haven't shared my love of this product with you all yet.  Going on three years of a total love affair with Bathina.  For all you pasty white girls, this one's for you and me (remember, I don't go in the sun).  I use this product on my arms, legs, and neck to give them an overall smooth, even toned appearance.  Bathina creates subtle highlights and an illuminance that creates the illusion that you are not completely and totally the color of a marshmallow.  Side note:  I was with the kids at swim lessons the other day and this little girl pointed to my son and said, "Mommy, why is that boy so white?  He's the whitest boy I have ever seen."  Her mother's response:  "Maybe he doesn't get to play outside very much."  Yes, or maybe his mommy is smart and is not going to let her five year old get a tan....B#*&%!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Farm

On a recent trip to our friends' cottage in Michigan, we had to figure out a dinner plan for one night because our friends had a family obligation.  Knowing we were going to be in the middle of food nowhere land, we did some advance research and stumbled upon a four star reviewed restaurant on Yelp.  A few reviewers said that they visited the area just so they could have dinner at The Farm Restaurant.  Sold.  I made a reservation.

The Farm is in the middle of a corn field in an older ranch style farmhouse.  The bar is tucked right at the end of field so the view out every window is rows and rows of corn.  There is something rather therapeutic and peaceful about staring in endless fields while sipping a drink.  The dining area was in the middle of a sun-filled, pine knotted floor room that probably used to be the dining and living rooms.  

And all was peaceful....we ordered dinner...the kids were sipping on kiddie cocktails....a woman was playing guitar close to our table....all was right, until  (cue the screechhhhh), my daughter practically fell asleep into her plate, right after her food arrived.  So, I held her and she slept on my lap.  And just as the grown-ups food arrived, my son announced that he had to go to the bathroom (#2 if not for t.m.i and he usually sits for a good twenty minutes). I managed to eat with one hand and my husband ate his cold food and our therapy came to an end.
Children of the corn.

It's going to be a busy back to school few weeks...will be back to regular posts soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Navy with navy

"Navy shorts or pants cannot be worn with navy shirts.  Navy shirts must be worn with khaki."

                                                                                           -Uniform guidelines, my son's new school

I wonder if that's what they advise in the Parsons kindergarten program?  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chambray copycat...A market post

This is the first person I saw at the market last Wednesday. 

Then I went home and got dressed for work.
my son took this photo; next bill cunningham?

i didn't have the fancy long necklace (i am not much of a necklace person)
so i improvised with this one my son made; i've also been wearing my "gold chain" from high school and layering with others.

Sometimes it takes a little reminder of what's in your closet and how you could put things together.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

hot or cold?

My five year old is going to kindergarten and I was just getting all teary eyed when discussing it with my husband.  It could've been due to all the paperwork that is required just to get an education, but I think it's more about sending my baby off into the world.  I had asked my son earlier in the day if he wants to do hot lunch or take his own and he looked at me like I was nuts because HE HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT BECAUSE HE IS ONLY FIVE - FIVE! - AND I STILL MAKE HIM RIDE IN A STROLLER AND YES, SOMETIMES I EVEN GIVE HIM DRINKS IN A SIPPIE AND HE HAS A BAR ON THE SIDE OF HIS TODDLER BED TO PREVENT HIM FROM FALLING OUT.  Who is even going to make sure that he can get his milk open? Who is going to make sure that he eats his lunch? WHO? WHO??????
Yes, I may need to be talked off the ledge here.  Anyone have a smoke...ok, just kidding...inside joke during a certain singledom life..many moons ago.  But seriously, how is my son going to survive without being under my protective little bubble that i have been conveniently been keeping him in since those crazy nurses at the hospital actually let me and my husband (two clueless adults) walk out of that hospital with a less than 48hr old baby ALONE.  I remember sitting next to my son in his carseat the day we drove him home.  I think my husband drove 20mph, yes, 20mph through the city of Chicago, and I sat in the backseat huddled over our new little bundle. And then we got him home, set the carseat in the middle of the living room, and just stared at him "ok, now what?"  Well, all night feedings, diaper changes, walks around the neighborhood in the sling, then bjorn, then wrap, whatever it could take to get him to sleep, then giggles, sitting up, finally sleeping through the night, books, smiles and just pure fun.   But, again, this has all been under my type A, super controlling, overprotective watch.
the day we brought him home
(when my house used to be super clean)
I know that I have to deal with this next phase of my life.  This phase that no longer includes diaper, highchairs, or mommy/baby music classes.  And I'll get over it..I will..and I am starting to enjoy it, but until then, my back to school supply list is going to include a lot of kleenex boxes and maybe a few stiff drinks.  

Friday, August 12, 2011

hey web

just how much time do you think i have to be perusing blogs?  really?  keep up with me!  i'm the one on my second glass of red wine and who has had one long work week.

Inspired...A Market Post

Linking up with Kori today for Fashion Fridays.

CHERRY RED:  inspired by this Parker dress I've been eyeing.  It's now on sale...

Ivory Most:  inspired by this Cukkis messenger bag..on sale at shopbop.  With photos from ny markets...a little Eataly and a little Dean and know, where Felicity worked.

Come back on Monday...I'm working on my back to school post..from the parent's view...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Macaroon Love

At our family reunion on the Chesapeake, my aunt brought the most amazing macaroons.  She said they are easily freezable and brought out when the occasion calls...or for no reason whatsoever.  Either way, they are super easy to make, have very few ingredients and go really well with that morning coffee.  I made the mistake of making the other morning (it took all of 10 minutes) while the coffee was brewing and boy did i have my share (for the year...).

The recipe easy, fast, has few ingredients and my name written all over it. I truly believe that baking (when easy) is soothing to the soul.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

4 o'clock coffee

You know how I love to document my coffee drinking...this was a nice little cup of Bux house blend.  It was a late afternoon coffee, about 4pm, on Lake Huron.

Back story:  For some unknown reason, my husband and I never stopped for coffee on our roadtrip last Friday morning.  Imposters, right?  Don't know what we were thinking.  Maybe we wanted to savor the moment relaxing in an anti-gravity chair on the beach. Either way, it cost me huge in the form a major headache, for both of us.  We questioned our coffee drinking, for about a second, and quickly forgot about....

Monday, August 08, 2011

Orange you glad!

There was a serious orange invasion at the market on Saturday.  Mostly in the form of bags, but it didn't stop there.
Perhaps the peach season is inspiring this bold color?  Or is orange the new black?

isn't she cute?  and her bag is so fun!

Golden beets anyone?

Friday, August 05, 2011

It's not over yet...

There is ample time left to live in those light summer whites...linking up with Kori for fashion fridays!

via thesartorialist
And it's the perfect time to shop the sales....

1 Vince Drape Sleeve Linen $66.50 Shopbop
2  Vince drawstring linen shorts $90 Saks
3 Paermense gold sandals $79.90 Lori's Shoes
4 Leighelena bracelet $69.00 ShopLeighelena

Happy Weekend, Besties!

Thursday, August 04, 2011


You can find me guest posting over at elleinadspir  today!  Head on over and check out her fabulous blog while you are there!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life." -bill cunningham

Finally, I can give credit to this quote!  I had read it earlier this year and couldn't remember the source.  Looking forward to seeing this documentary on the original street fashion photographer!  Check out the trailer.

Monday, August 01, 2011

It's ok...

to sneak a few ice cubes into your sauvignon blanc,  chill down that red, or throw a little fruit in your pinot's summer and anything goes.  i was recently enjoying dinner on a rooftop deck and our pinot grigio was quickly warming up, so we threw in some ice cubes for an instant cool down.  summer sipping is too short to follow stuffy winehead rules.  it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment.  who's with me?