Monday, May 14, 2012

Rainy Saturday: A Market Post


The second rainy Saturday at the Green City Market didn't keep weather tough Chicagoans away.  With umbrellas being the theme of the day, we scooped up asparagus, 6year aged white cheddar, mint, tomatoes, and mushrooms.  Starting today, I will be doing a weekly post, passing along tips I learn at the market from the people closest to the food, the farmers and their representatives (which often happens to be their sons, daughters, and other family members). 
Today's tip:  Asparagus storage.  Something so simple, yet I never thought to ask the best way to store it until Saturday.  According to my friends at Mick Klug farm, asparagus should be stored in a glass jar with about two inches of water in the refrigerator.  Asparagus does not need to be covered.  Stored like this, it will last up to seven days.

The Mick Klug Farm
(from their site)

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