Friday, February 25, 2011

The Sartorialist Doc

I am sure many of you have seen this, but I can just watch it over and over.
A little inspiration to take you into the weekend...

Happy Friday everyone!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Au Naturale

I have always loved natural, nude, washed out pail pink lips.  Always.  And I have just discovered the perfect little combo to achieving this look.  New Burt's Bees tinted lip balm topped off with a swipe of Rosebud.  I was a little disappointed that the actual Burt's Bees tube wasn't as chunky as the packaging - I admittedly initially bought the balm because I thought it was going to be like the old school fat chunky Bonne Bell lipsmackers that I coveted, as a child, from my favorite blonde and beautiful babysitter, Jenni - loved those chunky sticks.  But back to our subject, Burt's Bees in HONEYSUCKLE instantly gives the au natural look and the Rosebud just adds a little extra gloss. 

 Keep this goodie in your bag!  
Oh, and did I mentioned, it's 100% natural and $6.99 at Walgreens?
Gwyneth image originally found via scrumptious; perfect lip shade on miss paltrow

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Listography 2011

I have about 5 minutes to devote to this post, so here we go...

Listography this week is to name as many presidents that you can think of - no cheating.  Giving myself about 30 no particular order:

Washington, Lincoln, Adams, Jackson, Monroe, Madison, Ford, Nixon, Kennedy, Carter, Harrison, Johnson, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Cleveland, Roosevelt, Taft, Eisnenhower, McKinley...

Okay, I am getting distracted by how I am going to make this post a little more fun plus my recall is just not working after only two sips of coffee.

Let's talk about the strength behind a lot of these men, the FIRST LADY!  I could post all week on the different first ladies, their strengths, their fashions....but let's just take a look at three of them who just happen to be sporting the same haircut and pearls.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i won

these lovely hairclips from a giveaway at out her awesomeness and then head over to heartoflight to get your own pair... because I know your are jealous!  That was in the "No matter how hard you try, you'll never be as good as me" tone a la  Rikki in the Girls Just Want To Have Fun movie from 1985 with SJP...come on, is anyone with me here?  Can you hear the line?  I think that I can almost hear the entire movie....anyone?  No?  Okay, back to the 1985 cinema in my head...

image via elleinadspir

Thanks again Danielle!  

Monday, February 21, 2011

"Just Because You're Married Doesn't Mean You Can't Dance!"

So who is this random girl on Goodies and Besties? Don't worry followers, I have permission from Bestie herself!

How true is this quote? I doubt that the "young man" who gifted us with this gem knew that it would soon become our mantra.

One thing that I love about girls weekends with my besties is seeing all of us with looks of pure joy on our faces...even while babies are tucked safely in their beds at home with their Daddy's (or in my case...a husband enjoying a night of scotch tasting with the boys) we are young girls again...turning heads and being asked to dance on benches. What I love the most about my besties is that they put themselves on the know what I mean girls...everyone else comes first but us...but my girls know that when it's a girls weekend you have your hands in the air and the cameras out! There isn't one thing wrong with giving yourself a few days to sleep in, get a massage, have a mimosa (or two) in the middle of the day, and shake it for a few hours at a local hot spot.

Now...on to the real reason I am here...the fashion! Sometimes a girls weekend includes a little shopping and in our case that meant Michigan Avenue. We of course hit the high end stores, but I personally love Forever 21. It is perfect for a little "retail therapy" that, because of the low price tag, usually doesn't make a blip on the hubby radar.

Check me out in my girl's weekend $18 cardi from Forever 21! Throw it on with J Brand jeans, boots from DSW, a simple black t-shirt, maybe throw in a belt and you are ready for date night with the hubby (hey...hubby's need love too). So girlfriends, put "Firework" by Katy Perry on repeat and rest up for your next dance!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


List your girl crushes (as part of Listography 2011)

Ok, since I am in a spring fashion mode - just because the temp has been above 30 - I am going to list a few style crushes.

Jenna Lyons, Creative Director, J. Crew
Umm, hello, DREAM JOB.....

Jillian Harris, Designer, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and Bachelorette
Of course, I know Jillian from the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I think I have come out of the closet on this blog before and admitted my addiction to this show. She is the one contestant to never have gone bachelor bananas, but mostly I am crushin on her style!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweats in Disguise

I love sweats in disguise as fashion pieces! Glam up a sweatshirt with a funky zipper detail: I'm in! Fleece dress: slip it on me. Reverse hemmed sweatpants: born to live in 'em! I am really just a hoody wearing hayseed at heart, so bring on the glorified sweats!

pretty sure i will be living in this

pair it with my old navy sock slippers and i'm n for the night

J. Crew sequin sweatshirt
can't seem to locate it but last seen on the factory weekend sale

Left Field NYC
from 2007 lookbook (i know, so sad, not sure if still available)

Left Field NYC
(again, 2007 lookbook)
I've been had a pair of Left Field sweatpants for ten years and they are still my very favorite sweats
they use the best vintage sweatshirt fabric and Left Field is hard to find, so if you EVER see this logo, scoop it up and RUN!

Speaking of disguises...I was in several this weekend. One of a 20something wannabe dance party of a hotel bar mimosa sipping of a spa going, white robe wearing lounger... I think the dance party girl disguise may have been my favorite though. As another dance party guy said to his friend, "just because they are married doesn't mean that they can't DANCE!" Muchas gracias girlfriends!

Monday, February 14, 2011

As I sit here struggling to get my son to sign 31 Valentine's (as requested by his teachers)
I thought I'd share our playdough creation from the blizzard week.
Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with something sweet (preferably chocolate)!

Black Cherry Kool-Aid Playdough
1 packet Kool-Aid
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
Add 3 tbsp vegetable oil & 
1 cup boiling water

Friday, February 11, 2011


I am a big believer in weekends away every once in awhile.  Not that I want to be away from my kids (well..) it's just that I need that time to rejuvenate and it makes me a better mom in the end.  And as much as I know this to be true, the guilt inevitably creeps up on me at some point...even if it only shows its face for a moment, it is there.  So, I am leaving all mom guilt on this blog today and walking away....

Girls weekend!!!  A few girls coming in from out of town and a few of us here, we are staying downtown for the weekend.  My husband can't quite understand why I want to stay at a hotel only a mile away, but, as I told him, I will be a million miles away in my head.  That's what a girls weekend can do for you...take you the past, to the future, to the spa, and to rejuvenate long lasting friendships.  So, it's valentine's day weekend with my lovely besties!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Surprise finds....

I bet you can't guess where these are from?
Or maybe you are drooling over the catalogue like I was...
It WAS rather shocking when I saw the new catalogue. 
Good inspiration for Spring looks....

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Take Me Out...

Take me out to the ballgame...take me out to the crowd....take me out! 
Just kidding ...not really...just kidding.  I like sports, I really do.  My favorites:  tennis and college football. 

The list this week is:  LIST SPORTS TEAMS YOU'VE SEEN PLAY
(remember I am participating in Listography 2011 with these lovely besties TorrieDanielleEmily).

Let's talk about what comes to mind...playing hooky from work and drinking beers in the sun at a Cubs game (good thought).  Freezing at a Bears game (not so good thought).  Tailgating at a Notre Dame game (great thought-this is where i meant my husband).  Watching the Chicago Bulls (no thought).  Watching the Chicago Blackhawks (again, no thought really, head tilt, nope, can't think of one)...Watching the Mets play when I lived in NY (ok, getting back to good thoughts...only because of location and company)...Watching Tiger Woods -not really a team though... (oh, poor Elin, but can we talk about all of her amazing sunglasses?)...Let's see, what else..can I change the subject?  CAN I CHANGE THE SUBJECT to my two new perfect presents that my husband picked out for my birthday?

Designer:  Alicia Ann
He did good, right?  I happened to give him a little teeny hint by telling him that this boutique is having a huge moving sale....

And my Birthday dinner that I made for myself...homemade Alfredo sauce..which is super easy and delicious.

Oh, and my Birthday breakfast...macaroons from LOVELY Bakery... my favorite.
I've already posted about them here!
And my new favorite mug....filled to the top with hot coffee.

Are you sick of my Birthday yet?  
Shouldn't it be BirthWEEK anyway...

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

It's my birthday and I'll eat cake if I want to...

You know how sometimes you get in a rut, realize you are in a rut, and make grand plans to get back to doing all the things on the list, whatever list that may be.  Like my list often includes things like, putting Shea Butter on my neck every night, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, getting those photos know, the usual things you put on a NEW YEAR'S Resolution list.  Well, a close friend and I often celebrate several New Year's throughout one year and usually Birthdays are one of them.  So, it's my birthday and I am going to eat cake, celebrate with my awesome kids, have a glass of wine, and put Shea Butter on my neck tonight...and TOMORROW, tomorrow will be New Year's for me.  Back to keeping those resolutions....

p.s.  I realized this week via Twitter that I share a Birthday with one hilarious girl...her blog makes me laugh/cry.

Monday, February 07, 2011

il dolce far niente

il dolce far niente

(the sweetness of doing nothing)

I tried to watch Eat Pray Love on Saturday night (husband was out of town and I couldn't wait to sprawl out on the couch and watch a girlie movie).  I say TRIED because it was painfully boring, completely unentertaining, and I fell asleep midway through Bali during a bore of a conversation with the Texan.  However, I did fall sleep with two positives running through my mind... One was the incredible, beautiful scenery and appetizing close-ups food shots - I work on a lot of food commercials, I can appreciate the art of capturing food preparation at its most mouth watering moments.  Oh, and the yummy red wine toasts shots that seemed to be scene changers were also very lovely.

The second positive was the scene in the Roman barber shop.  The Italian older brother or friend of Julia (can't even think of the name of the woman in EPL) was defining an italian phrase 

il dolce far niente 
that translates to "the art of doing nothing" and how Italians are able to just enjoy for enjoyments sake.  He went on to say that Americans always think they have to work to deserve this simple enjoyment and are always stressed out from the pressure of constantly having to be productive.  What a wonderful phrase...and because I am one quarter Italiono, I believe that I too can master the art of il dolce far niente...if I put my mind to it, put down my phone, and leave my computer closed once in awhile.   And I think that mastering this art may (most definitely) is going to be added to my 2011 resolutions...and if it includes italian food and wine once in awhile - just to get me in the "nothing" mood, even better.

A few more shots of my Italian trip 2005... 

Friday, February 04, 2011

Cozy Wozy

Two summers ago, at the Renegade Craft Fair, I picked up this super cozy hat.  Even though it was 80 degrees at the time, I was still able to appreciate the warmth that this hat generated.   Fast forward two years to the Blizzard of 2011 and this hat has a been a savior and even warmer than I could've imagined.  I have chosen it over my North Face hat these past two days and that says it all!

Who:  Squast by Les
What:  Local designer; great construction and fabrics
Where:  Chicago; can be found at a plethora of craft/design fairs and hosts her own open door studio night at least once a month

In real life....

Happy Friday everyone!  
It's been one blizzard of a week!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Blizzard Night Dinner

Pesto Linguini is a favorite meal in this house.  Although, it's always good, I always find that something is a little off.  Like too little garlic, or this could've used a little more pepper, and so on and maybe, this is because I get lazy and DON'T FOLLOW A RECIPE.  On Tuesday night, the night of The Big Storm, we enjoyed the best Pesto yet and perhaps it was because I FOLLOWED A RECIPE to the tee.  Maybe cooking is a science?!

We topped the Linguini with some amazing Gran Panada (we call it gran modonna) cheese from a cheese wheel.  I just produced a cheese job and brought home some beautiful leftovers from the set.
The kids each had two platefuls.  The husband and I enjoyed a great, el cheapo bottle of wine (made from organic grape,s by the by) from TJ's, which I talked about here.  
And dessert:  Cannolis from TJ's...which were pretty good.

My 4yr old ended dinner with this joke:

Mr. C: Knock Knock

Us:  Who's there

Mr. C:  Cannoli

Us:  Cannoli who?

Mr. C:  Canolli Buy Some More

A successful dinner that distracted the kids from the hollowing winds banging at our back door.  

two spoonfuls left from a 16oz pkg

And, a few photos from the blizzard....

Mr. C's latest creation...

One more photo (i know, i am being a bragging mother here).  But this came home in the school bag yesterday.  He takes half credit as he painted it with his bestie, Gabi.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My little Monet

Participating in Listography 2011 with these lovely ladies (TorrieDanielleEmily) and today's list:  Your Favorite Artists!  Now, this may be a bit predictable, cliche, whatever, but my favorite artists live not in the 19th century or Momartre, but under my own little roof.

Featuring Mr. C (4yr old artist specializing in photography and dabbling in painting and collages)

My favorite strollercam photo 2010

From the Chicago Architectural Cruise Boat

Carseat Cam


StrollerCam at The Market 2010