Friday, September 28, 2012


When I see photos from a  fashion week and actually find a piece that I would (and could) wear, I get a little giddy.  Now, the price tag is a different story.  But the inspiration is free.
Continuing my love of all things Italian this week....
My two favorites from Milan's Fashion Week
fendi via
max mara via
My similar under $100 finds:
Macy's $89.99    
BestyBoutiqueShop on Etsy $89 (hurry hurry, only 1 left right now)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random musings.....

If someone saw my house right now, I am pretty sure they would think I was mentally ill - or at least in need of intense therapy.  There is a rhyme to my reason though as I am emptying each room to the bones and only returning what's appropriate.  

Someone got hit by a car this morning at the intersection we cross everyday to get to school.  I shielded the kids from the scene, but on the way back, they were hosing down the street.  Not a good sign and I was saying a prayer in my head for that poor person whose life was changed in a millisecond.  A good wake-up call to cherish and make the most out of each day.  Not a good motivator for my first point - as organizing and cleaning doesn't quite equal "seizing the day" in my book.  But, at least I am here to do it.  

Sticking with the downer topic of getting hit by a car, the other night I was standing just down from the curb and this car swerved and came within inches of me.  My friend, who was right next to me, was scared and couldn't get to me to push me back - as she could she it happening but I was looking the other way.  I felt the wind from the car, but luckily, was not touched.  Another reminder to stay back from the curb AND that my day of cleaning may not be worth it.

Changing the topic and tone completely now.  I went to see stand-up comedy last night. At first, I was telling my husband I was too tired to go, to which he replied, "Oh, so you're too tired to go laugh for a few hours."  And...I was out the door.  All six comics were hilarious with the headliner starting out as the least funny.  And maybe it was because she was using all my standard jokes:  She joked about needing a xanax in the dressing room as she was trying to fit into a pair of jeans (used it).  She used the one where she is so stressed that she grinds her teeth at night and needs to wear a night guard, which isn't so sexy (said it).    And a lot of the standard mom jokes - she knows every animal sound...she smiles and says it's okay that her kid just got poop on his hand while in  her head she is screaming (%*(#$)....But, in the end, she was really funny and totally delivered!!  There's nothing more nerve racking to me than improv and stand up comedy.  Not that I've ever been nerve racked by it - because of course i've never done it.  But, if there is any class I could take that would swipe me completely out of my comfort zone and into the fetal position, it would be improv.

Note to self:  Don't drink three italian espresso shots during an evening out unless you want to count every crack on the ceiling eighty times over.  I attended an "All things Italian" expo the other night and the free flowing espresso by Umbria was too tempting not to be tried - yes, tried three times.  More on the Italian Expo later.

How are you liking this font?  As much as I want this blog to feel consistent, both in design and content, I am too scatter-brained to make a decision on defining that look.  So, my look is no look, I guess.

One of my espresso shots....looks good right now as it's 9am.  At 9pm, not so much.

Carpe Diem!  You knew that was coming.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How do you disguise a $15 Old Navy dress off the clearance rack?

With a target belt and aviators, of course!  As Michael Kors so eloquently put it:

"Aviators are the fastest shortcut to glamour.  Put on a pair of aviators and suddenly you look like a movie star at the airport."

Or school pick-up line...whatever, wherever.  I'm running with it.   

But, if you are in love with your current sunnies, and maybe want an affordable pair of aviators for the school pick up line, for instance, or the 7am grocery run because you forgot it's your turn for snack day, then check out these from Sun Cloud.  As seen in above photos.

not so serious what i wore photos courteous of my six year old
his secret photographer name:  CLT PHOTOGRAPHY

isn't his camo backpack sweet?  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Close, but no cigar

My husband has been collecting cigar boxes in anticipation of making guitars out of them.  I have yet to see this project in full force, though the variety of cigar boxes coming into our house is multiplying.  In assembling gift certificates for a few friends' bdays, I realized that the cigar boxes, with their ornate patterns and fancy details, would make great gift boxes for certificates or other small goodies.  No additional wrapping needed as it is in the box itself.  We found these boxes at Up Down Cigar in Old Town, here in Chicago.  Prices range from $2 - $20, but most of the time, the owner has just given these to my husband at no charge, claiming that he has hundreds in the back.  There are so many different styles, colors, and sizes to choose from - it's really fun to sort through them.   Found a lot on ebay after a quick search.

Friday, September 21, 2012

the. perfect. black. dress.

For under $50 and for every body type.....leave it to the designer shop at target to offer this perfect lbd for every and any occasion.  Could be styled with ankle boots, scarf and denim jacket or dressed up with pumps. The fabric lends itself to wearability almost year round.  And that is why it's hanging in my closet, on a special hook, waiting...for this weekend.

Kirna Zabete for Target® Sleeveless Metallic Jacquard Dress in Black

 or, if you prefer a skirt....

as styled by

Happy weekend, besties!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

move it

So, I've been trying to run a little more lately.  Trying, being the key word.  Last Saturday afternoon, I headed out for a little walk/run, as I like to call it, and about six blocks in, I started the "walking" portion of the event.  As my legs were slowing down, I heard this slight shuffling behind me - shuffle shufffle - I assumed it was a dog.  The next thing you know, this cute man runs up next to me.  "Doing the marathon?" he asked.  "Nope, haven't done that in years," I replied.  With an all-knowing shake of the head, he said, "Me neither, not since 2006, but it doesn't get any easier."  Wow.  This cute man talking to me had to be at least 80 and I am not exaggerating.  He shuffled right on past this 30-something.....and there he went.  So, I picked my head up, moved my legs, and did not stop until I got home.  Nothing like a little inspiration to kickstart my very capable body and less capable mind.  I think I just need a goal - something to "train" for - and if it happens to have Chocolate in the name, so be it.  And it it happens to benefit a very good cause, then even better.  AND, if a very cute little hoodie comes along in the goodie bag, who am I to complain?

I suppose that the cute man would enter the 15k....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Once A Week CHIC

green city market
Still channeling my inner Andie Walsh (John Hughes, anyone?) and continuing my love of all things hot and pink this week.  This inspiration comes in the form of two besties that always catch my fancy: Fuschia + Navy.  As seen a few weeks ago at the lovely market....and now seen at the newly launched Once a Week Chic.  This site features a weekly "look" which you can buy in total for a really hot price ($149 accessories & all) OR purchase the items la carte.

A peek at their first LOOK...


Fun stackable rings included!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautiful weekend here in Chicago with lots of Chicago love to post about later in the week.  
For today, I want to send a little love to Truffles n Ruffles for the super fun New Soul bracelet in neon pink by Brooklyn Stars.
You can see the entire collection here!
And you can read and interview with Shannon, the designer behind the bracelets, here!
Now, I'm off to finish that film I mentioned over the weekend.....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sole Survivor

Dear Readers,

I know it's the weekend and you are all enjoying your coffee, getting ready for soccer games, and thinking about all the laundry (ok, maybe I just described myself).  Are some of you with me?  Anyway, I am doing a weekend post to tell you about a little film I am producing.  Some of you may have seen the trailer that's posted on my sidebar but if you haven't, I am including it in this official post.  The film, Sole Survivor, explores survivorship through the lives of four people who have been the lone survivor of a large commercial airplane crash.  I have been honored to work on this film and to see the strength and resilience of the human spirit.  I've received emails from people all over the world who share their stories of their connections to these tragedies. It's both difficult and amazing to realize the amount of people affected by these events.  The sensitivity surrounding this film has kept the production team up at night, but in the end, we hope that it may elicit some feelings of healing, closure or even hope.

This weekend, we discovered that our film is up for Project of the Week on Indiewire.  Please watch the trailer and if you would like to see this film, head on over and please VOTE.  Voting ends Monday at 11am eastern.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunny: A Market Post

Sunflowers took over the market a few weeks ago and added brightness to an already sunny day.  

And this sunny shirt took over my summer.  And this is what I wore all summer!
Price per wear I would say is hovering around $1.75, but check back with me in a year and it will probably be closer to zero.  You can probably find it on the  sale rack at Nordstrom now or here.

With this bestie at the ChicagoBloggerBlitz and in Time Square, both back in June.
Umm, are my glasses too big for my face or what?

Linking up for what i wore wednesday!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Honesty is the best policy

Oh, the innocence and honesty of children can be so shocking at times.  So far, I have been enlightened about several areas of my body this summer through several honest observations by my children.
  • Mommy, do you have another baby in your tummy?  
  • Mommy, the area above your lip is fuzzy? 
  • Mommy, your legs are really big!
For everyone's information, the answer to the first question is no and the only answer to the second question is wax.  The first question leads me to my own questions of how to drop some pounds and feel a little lighter in my step.  And since I don't really have this answer, my next thought is what to wear during this time of proof that maybe eating drumsticks after 10pm maybe isn't the best choice.  But have you tried the new ones with caramel filling and chocolate cone coating?  Anyway, instead of talking about how I am considering going gluten free or the next exercise tend I may try, I am just going to give a few "just cover it up" items - which could also crossover into early maternity fashion tips.  Because it doesn't matter what you are hiding, it just needs to stay hidden.  Continuing my Old Navy love this week, here are a few items that may get me over my hump-pun intended.

For the gym (at which I will be spending a lot of time), this draw string workout top will do - bring on the extra bubble.
Active bubble tank $16.94

For the day to wear with a tee or chambray shirt - vertical V stripes please.
Foldover jersey skirt $19.94

Basic anytime, anywhere top - i'm a sucker for sleeves with button tabs 
(who actually likes the word top?)
3/4 Button tab shirt $20.00

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Remember when....

We wore these up our arm.... In 8th grade, I traded this one for the clear one with a boy I was "going with."  I kept that Swatch for a long time.  Now, I'm friends with that boy on Facebook even though he moved to a different state after 8th grade.

Walking into a Banana Republic was like walking into a Safari...

This was the number one school supply item....
 We all wanted a pair of these....

 We kept this in our locker...

 If any of these images brought on a smile and little warmth to your heart, then I know you are as old as me.  Nothing like starting the day with a little 9th grade nostalgia.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Le look du moi

I am becoming quite jealous of my son's school uniform.  Each day, it's either the standard polo and navy shorts or gym uniform.  Plain and simple.  His outfit is always laid out neatly in his room for the next day because it's always the same.  If I could choose a uniform this month, it'd be this dress.  On my gym day, I'd wear is with these sneaks, on regular days, I'd pair it with ballet flats or ankle boots.  The dress would hang neatly in front of my closet, waiting for yet another day.  And I'd be happily sleeping right now instead of doing my third load of laundry...... 

my color choice
 Old Navy, $24.99

I was in between a small and medium, so I'll give a size update later.  Wishfully, I went for the small.