Monday, July 02, 2007


Okay, I know that everyone LOVES robeez and I could really never figure why. All the babies in playgroup, classes, etc...all looked like they were actually going to wear a hole into their robeez from wearing them so much. My lil man, always roobezless, just preferred socks (or maybe just his mom did). The problem I had with them was that is seemed to difficult to get them on, esecially over socks with treads. So , I usually just gave up, put Grandma's booties on and that was it. But as lil man got older, I felt that he really did need to cover up his piggies so I tried the lil puppy shoes again. Okay, now I love them too. I am not sure if they didn't fit right before or what, but now they are easy to get on and never come off.

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