Monday, August 02, 2010

Day Trip: Red Arrow Highway, Michigan

A few weekends ago, we woke up to thunderstorms at the beach and decided to pack up for the day and get in the car and drive! Destination: St. Joseph, Michigan. Only about a 45 minute drive along Red Arrow Highway. The goodies you can find along this old strip that follows the southwestern Michigan lakeshore are delightful.

We started with a stop at The Whistle Stop! An adorable little gourmet coffee stop with a deli, bakery and yummy treats for the beach. Throw in some shelves with delux hand soaps, lotions, candles, and you have all perfect options to take to your lakehouse hostess. They even have their own Intelligentsia coffee blend. With coffees and chocolate croissants in hand, we were on our way.

Driving into downtown St. Jo, we are greeted by a new best friend on every corner. Part of the town's yearly public art display by different artists, Hot Diggity Dog, is the theme this year! Each dog is sponsored by a local business. We then ventured over to The Curious Kids Museum, followed by a ride on their brand new carousel.

The sun came out on our drive into Tabor Hill Vineyards...we needed to get in some extra driving to extend the nap for the sleepers in the backseat. A nice quiet drive through vineyards and farms. Beautiful....

A quick detour to Jenny's roadside stand. Eight varieties of zucchinis and cucumbers were a dollar! I love buying directly from the farmer. Jenny even gave me a salad recipe to incorporate the pickles we purchased.

Sawyer Garden Center is not what your would expect! It has EVERYTHING! From organic lip gloss to wine to patio furniture to jewelry to Crocs, to candles, to toys, to wonderful gourmet food samples...I could definitely get lost in this place for an afternoon...Sawyer Garden Center

And that's a pure Michigan day trip!

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