Monday, September 09, 2013


Apparently I can't seem to get pen to paper, or fingers to keys, because I've written a thousand posts in my head over these last few months.  The problem is that it's usually around 3am when I am doing this and the thought of turning twenty minutes into potentially hours of insomnia by resetting my internal clock with the morning light of the laptop prevents thoughts from becoming posts.  Was that just a run-on?  It has to be right - or is it just missing punctuation?  Anyway, I've "written" and quite eloquently might I add, because you will never read them, about the usual this and thats.  One post focused on the end of yet another summer and the back to school blues.  Another about how the weather in these first few weeks of September simply cue cheerleading practice and football games and makes me wish for just a one day time travel back to high school.  One was all about covering up at the beach - sort of like the barbie beach picnic scene below - no bikinis for these girls - maybe that's why they never get wrinkles!  I wrote about my children and how sometimes their questions are so obvious - that I wonder why don't we, as adults, ask them.  Like, "Mom, why aren't teachers movie stars?"  I've written about my neighbor who recently passed and how I can't stop wondering who is going to water her flowers, take out her garbage and how the inside pulse of her home continues beating without her.  I'm may go water those flowers tomorrow.  I've written many posts on the importance of vacations and unaffectedly unplugging for a day or two or ten.  And although I would love to have shared these thoughts with you, it's good enough for me that I had them in the first place.  And that I'm still having them...and that life, with it flying by, continues through the eyes of children, b&w photos, back to school blues and good girlfriend chats.

Here's to the birth of a new season and the endless possibilities that come with it, including penny loafers and cable knit.


The City Boy said...

penny loafers and cable knits- one of my favorite things about fall :)

Allie said...

So glad to see you back! xoxo

torrie said...

i get it, i get it, i GET it. (here's to a new season, indeed :))