Monday, April 10, 2006

Maternity Wear Best Buys

What to wear, oh what to wear!! I am 6 1/2 months along and finally feel like I have some choices when getting dressed in the morning. Between hand me downs, several small purchases, and a few big splurges, I have assembled a nice little maternity wardrobe. I have even rearranged my closets so that this wardrobe is easily accessible. It takes up about 3/4 of one closet (not to get too excited, the closet is a built-in wall organizer, so it is not the standard length). At any rate, I have something to wear! Even choices!

Around the 3rd and 4th months, getting dressed was stressful. Although I am freelance, I was working almost every day, and I had to look somewhat normal, if not even a little "hip." Now, if I worked at a gym or place that required that I wear SWEATS, I would've had a million choices!! Hmmm, what should I wear today? The black velvet sweatsuit, the bella dahl comfy workout pants, splendid sweats and a tissue tee, you name it, I could've put the outfit together in seconds. Unfortunately, for 10 hours each day, I had to find something to wear other than the sweats that I wore every other hour that I wasn't working. In one of my early morning breakdowns, I told my husband that I either have to go shopping (tonight) or quit!

This brings me to one of my early purchases.: GAP maternity jeans in size "barely showing". I got them my regular pre-pregancy size, regular length. They should really reconsider their tag description because I am still wearing them and I am really showing! The best part about these jeans is that they don't have that ugly panel. I could wear them when I hadn't spilled the big news and I did't have to risk anyone seeing a glimpse of the ugly stretchy waistband that you see on most maternity jeans. They look and fit like normal jeans. Perhaps they won't last through month TEN, but in the meantime, you know what comes between me an my GAP jeans? Nothing (except a growing belly of course)!

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