Friday, November 04, 2011



Everyone here is talking about how the weather people (?) have predicted the worst Chicago winter in 20 years. Awesome, we just had what felt like a short two months of summer and here we go again.  How could we even top last winter?  My cynical side is wishing that's it a nasty rumor started by some genius marketing gurus from North Face, Patagonia and other winter gear retailers. Because, yes, it's making me shop and obsess about our winter gear.  Yesterday, I made the kids get into their snow pants, boots, hats, mittens, scarves, the whole works, just so that I could see what's missing, what we need back-ups of, etc.. I've washed my short down jacket, my long down jacket, and I'm matching up gloves and leg warmers.  Winters in the city are a bit tricky because it's not like I can warm up my car in the garage before leaving for the day.  We walk to school.  My car is parked outside.  And the thought of freezing hands scraping layers of ice off the car is making me totally 110% appreciate that I am sitting in my warm kitchen right now with a cup of steaming hot coffee sitting next to me.

Bottom line:  I'm gearing up for winter.  Here are some items I am eyeing.  Bring it Old Man Winter!

Wool blend tweed vest from Old Navy
a whopping $25.00
i tried it on yesterday and it's as great as it looks
i know, i'm obsessed with vests
LL Bean Shearling Lined Boots
Inspired by a post from LifeThroughPreppyGlasses
Going back to the classics

Leg Warmers with Brass Buttons
$15.00 Sock Dreams
LOVE these!

Furry Aviator in Grey Super-Nubby w/ White Fur$75.00
Squast by Les
One of my favorite local designers, especially love her hats!

Eddie Bauer Ice Scraper Mit
REALITY purchase.

With one of my Squast by Les cozy hats
What I'll look like in a month or so..

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Haute Dog said...

LOVE that vest!! I just told karen I want to look at vests at zara this've got me on a vest kick too! xo

Jaclyn Kaye said...

Love the fur!! Need some asap!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

A Day in the Life and Mind...

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

I need those boots! I could definitely do without a visit from Old Man Winter. Hope you keep Toasty this winter :)

City Girl Chicago said...

umm... ice scraper mitt is genious ~ why hadn't i thought of it!?

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I seriously don't know how you do it. We get maybe 6 days of snow and that is plenty for me! I love it....but in moderation.

Torrie said...

You just gotta move to CA!!!

I never made it to ON (too busy!) to get that vest- but I'm going this weekend- for sure (think it's the last day of the 30% off sale... an email floating around in my overfull inbox :)).

The City Boy said...

Don't you love those bean boots? I have the exact same pair. You have great cold weather stuff...I want to get a few more big scarves for this winter

Mae said...

I was a Chicago girl for 6 years, so I feel your pain. I enjoy the cold, but those winters are brutal. Love your choices...practical and stylish!

The Suburb Experiment said...

We're supposed to have a nasty winter after a too-short summer too. Although I have a sneaking suspicion "nasty" is relative. Our Western Washington winters are pretty mild normally.

I totally have one of those Eddie Bauer scraper mitts. Best. Idea. Ever. (At least for scraping windshields).


burgundy boots said...

I just bought that vest last week from Old Navy! I love it!!!