Friday, November 30, 2012

fingers crossed

Mom and Producing duties have taken over this week, all while fighting a cold. Back to regularly scheduled posting next week.  Fingers crossed. Wait, speaking of fingers crossed, I've been using this term a lot lately.  And I've seen "fingers crossed" use as a closing to several emails.  I've been curious about the origin and found that it stems back from the days of the early Christian church and that it is a direct reference to the sign of the cross.  Apparently, Christians used this also to identify each other, but when they didn't want to admit that they were Christians for fear of being prosecuted.  This is where the fingers crossed behind the back while lying comes into play.  I much prefer the fingers crossed used as a sign of hope.  Of course, a glass of prosecco can also trigger signs of hope.

Fingers crossed for a productive, healthy and caffeine induced weekend!

Fingers, although not crossed, sporting Just Spotted the Lizard from the OPI Spiderman collection
A festive shade for the holidays to get your spidey senses tingling, or maybe it's the prosecco.

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