Monday, December 03, 2012

conversations i cherish

during our walk to school this morning. 

Daughter:  "Mom, we have five people in our family, right?

Mom:  "You mean including the fish?  Yes, then five."

Daughter:  "But we have cousins and other people too."

Mom:  "Yes, but in our immediate family, we have five, including the fish."

Daughter:  "Yep, five."

Son (finally listening):  "No silly.  We only have four."

Mom:  "She's including the fish."

Son:  "Oh, right then, five.  I totally forgot."

In all dead panned seriousness....and little do they know that our "fish" is actually the sixth member (the original fifth member bit the dust over the summer but I couldn't tell them)  #momsecrets  #momwimpiness


Megan said...


Nat said...

Awww what a sweet conversation!

torrie said...

very, very cute. love little chats like this... was just thinking this on our drive to school this morning. {not always a pleasant drive, but today it was ;)}

Anonymous said...

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