Tuesday, December 11, 2012

bike ride

I've never gotten along so well with bikes.  When I was ten and rode my ten-speed around the block, I'd always wipe out at the same spot about a half way around the block and skin my knee.  For some reason, I thought this gravely part of the street would change, but it didn't and I walked around with a band-aid on my knee that entire summer.  When my husband and I started dating almost two decades ago (when I was 12), he would suggest bike rides along the city.  How romantic, I thought.  Riding downtown Chicago through traffic after 4th of July fireworks more often than not, lead to me walking my bike on the sidewalk, and not romance.  Flash forward another decade to when there was a break in in our basement and several bikes were stolen.  Mine was one of them.  It was a summer miracle.  My bike riding days were over!  But, now the kids love the idea of family bike rides, and it's difficult not to participate.  Last year, my husband and a neighbor found a bike in the alley and it was later coined as mine.  So, a few weeks ago, when the temperatures hit 60 degrees, I found myself hopping on a bike for the first time in 7 years.  The kids (pointing and all) were amazed that I even knew how to ride a bike.

My new found bike is a cruising bike.  It forces perfect posture while riding.  As I rode down the lakeshore path, I found myself getting a lot of waves and smiles from other people on cruisers.  Is this some club I didn't about it, because I love it. Maybe it's just the posture that makes everyone seems extra ducky.  Whatever it is, I'll take it and my biking attitude may just take a turn down the right path, basket and all.

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torrie said...

how often do i start out my comments to you with the phrase, " i can SO relate"???? it really is eery... and just so you know- the times i don't write that, it's because i'm holding back so as not to say the saaaaame thing on every comment.

that said, i can SO relate. i grew up in the canyon, so i didn't get to go out and ride bikes whenever i wanted to....... fast forward to dating years, ryan bought me a really nice bike- and somehow it ended up at my brothers?? and then we got married, had jacob... got super busy in my job... and sadly his gift was never really (at all) put to fruition. then, when jacob was a toddler, my aunt and uncle gave us their old bikes. i think we literally used them twice. (even though we swore that we were going to start going on 'family bike rides... with 'baby hailey' in her little seat). my career consumed me, and it never happened. just this past year (during our MAJOR purge), we finally decide to take them to the goodwill... they were old, rundown, flat tires, and we figured that if/when we were going to actually start riding again, we'd go out and purchase bikes- with INTENTION of riding them and not just taking garage-space.

it's definitely on our 'next-year-when-ryan-is-not-in-school' list. as are SO many other things.

:) (love that you got a freeeeebie... and it's nice! and you look very, very cute. highly deserving of all of those waves)