Thursday, May 23, 2013

season finale

last night, i cried watching The Office Retrospective which aired prior to the finale.  the actors were so emotional and i can only imagine what it must feel like for a nine year project to come to an end.  especially one where you are surrounded by so many funny people.  one where you kiss and hug your co-workers, yell and scream, and are physically intimate, whether it comedic or romantic.  in this retrospective they showed auditions and scenes from season one and the actors look so young.  another reason this made me a little sad as i realized how much younger i must've looked nine years ago - something my children often point out when looking at my wedding photo. we all know that time is passing but sometimes it takes a silly little show to remind one just how quickly.  it seems like just yesterday that i was making my husband act out the jim/pam scene after the casino night episode.  my husband can't do the jim halpert face, but i am sure he was doing it in his head.

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torrie said...

ok, clearly i was not caught up. i sort of disappeared over the summer. anyways~ OMG!!! we watched all nine seasons together (need to do a blog post about it!)~ in serious withdrawal.