Friday, May 31, 2013

war paint

"I remember feeling really old when I turned 40.  Even older than I do now."

                                                                            -My 96 year old Grandmother
                                                                             in response to asking her if I look old

What a relief.  I'm not 40 quite yet, but in the words of Sally Albright, "It's out there..."  And I'm not taking the physical part of aging so well, so it's good to know that I may be eventually feeling young again.  I have a feeling it's all just a state of mind...  But, just in case, my nights end like this - full up war paint. 

And my weaponry looks like this.

A few product notes:
  • Yes to Blueberries line really seems to help...I was out of it for a few weeks and you could've thrown a party in a certain wrinkle it was getting so deep
  • BOOTS Botanics Facial Oil has that familiar relaxing spa scent and anything with a dropper feels so scientific, if must work.  In reality, it does moisturize without breaking out.
  • Neutrogena Naturals Acne Spot Treatment takes a little longer to kick in than say my 16yr old Clearasil, but it gets to down to business after about several applications. 
  • SKII - A little splash here and there can't hurt

Happy Friday, besties!

1 comment:

torrie said...

i thought i was somewhat caught up?! no? anyways, i love what your grandmother said. i have been feeling old also, and have had this feeling, based on older women that i interact with, that it WILL get better. phew.