Monday, June 07, 2010

The lazy days of hanging at the pool, evening walks to the ice cream store, searching for beach glass along the lake all give me so much joy and are just about as comforting as mac n cheese with a side of mashed potatoes. And having children allows me to experience it all over again through their eyes! Summer awaits!

I was reminded of all this as I read the Chicago Tribune magazine on Sunday morning. The magazine featured "The Rules of Summer." With an intro by Rick Kogan (a Tribune writer who happened to grow up in my current condo unit) the magazine left me with a list of summer must do's and anticipation!

As I finished the magazine and enjoyed my last sip of hot coffee, all I could do was fantasize about iced coffees, lake breezes, fireworks, and dinners on the porch.

The kids and I all all wrote down things we want to do this summer on little posties...and we hope to pull them out one by one and do summer one day at a time.

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