Saturday, June 12, 2010

'Mazing Mascara

Sometimes, I don't wash my face before bed. There, I admit it. There are several reasons for this. I may have fallen asleep on the couch and am doing a zombie walk to bed. I may fall asleep in mid-sentence reading Cat in the Hat to the kids for the umteenth time...or once in a great while, it is because I get home late and just simply can't wait to crawl into bed. Whatever the reason, with this mascara, I NEVER wake up with those crazy black eyes. In fact, I could probably go the next day without reapplying and pass it off as that day's makeup. I usually don't do this, but it's tempting. And I could probably get caught in a massive downpour, sans umbrella or shelter, and this mascara wouldn't budge. Def. a best!

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Bestie said...

One more is super easy to remove this mascara. You simply use warm water to slide it off your lashes. It comes off in tubes.