Thursday, December 15, 2011

Perfect little gifts

I love this flower in a can for a perfect little gift for $15.00!  Great for stocking stuffers or adding a sweet little touch to an end of the year bonus for the sitter.  Great hostess gift.  Just cute all around and I have heard, from people I have given them to, that they do bloom.  My sister n law still has her, fully growing and blooming from three years ago. 

west elm alphabet mug
Last year, one of our stylists gave everyone in the production office an alphabet mug with the letter from our name.  It just added a personal touch to the gift.  Plus, I love drinking a nice big cup of joe of out it!

Fun holiday shades for the girlie girl!

A year of cookie cutters
For the baker!

Just a few ideas I'd share if you find yourself scrambling for ideas, oh and the gift itself!

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Torrie said...

Such a cute idea (the mugs) if you're shopping for a group- or a couple. Saving that one. And I love the top one too! I tried to order a couple last year (at Fred Flare) but they were out of stock. They're offering free shipping today... I'm heading over to see if they still carry them!