Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Triple Tri

Have you ever competed in one of these events?  I am sure you have, so please share your triple tri experience.  Here's a little recap from mine the other day!  The transitions were tough, but I pushed on through.  And the event started pretty early...a little too early for my liking.

LEG ONE OF THE RACE - 5:45am start (and I am including my times for each event)
-Make coffee and drink one cup - 15:01
-Fix breakfast for the kids - 17:02
-Get kids dressed, check backpacks, pack lunch - 24:10 - this is where i lost some time - i was struggling

-Get myself shower and dressed 7:34 - i whipped through this part
-Run kids to school - 5:30  - i actually had to walk this part - phew was i tired
-Volunteer at school, wrap and organize gifts for the giving tree - 59:10 - this took much longer than anticipated

TRANSITION:  Mommy to Working Woman (transition was tough, i felt like i already finished the race, but it was only 9:15am and I had another entire leg to go- someone in the crowd handed me a paper cup of coffee - threw out a little "you can do it" and I was off to the next leg.

-Work a full 9 hr day  - 9:00 duh
-Run to car, drive as fast as possible to make my son's first piano recital - 10:20
-Make it to recital just in time - THANK YOU  green lights - and shed some tears at my son's first ever anything on stage and in front of a large group of people 30:00

TRANSITION:  Back to Mommy - my easiest transition

LEG FOUR - ok, it was more like  a quadruple tri - and they didn't give me times for these ;)
-Bedtime stories

Yes, it was an all day race, but I made it!  Tell me about your latest race?!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

You deserve a metal!

fashion wanna-be said...

That is the funniest account ever! I am in awe of you working mamas is just me and Joe and I can't get it together! I struggle as well ;) XO

Torrie said...

yes! i've been on this same race- dozens of times, and I just know that at the end of the day- I'm "rewarded" with a few more of those DAMN GRAY HAIRS. =)

Bestie said...

ladies, thx for your empathy! just a few more dayz of crazE and then holiday break!!!! woohoo!

Haute Dog said...

you're a riot and a half. xo