Friday, December 23, 2011

Wearing your heart on your chest

Hearts are my favorite shape.  Always have been.  I just adore their big red boldness.  And it seems that this is a great time for the romantic shape as heart sweaters are popping up all over the place.  I recently saw a tutorial on making one, so you know they are big right now.  I wore a similar black with red heart to our holiday office party and loved the pop of festive red.  Of course I had purchased it that day and this is how the conversation with my husband, who met me at the party, went:

H:  "Ahh, new sweater?"
M:  (silent)
Friend from work:  "No, I've seen her wear it before, remember she got it last year for Valentine's Day..she thought you would like it."

Gotta love a friend who can whip out that answer...and we all got a huge laugh out of it!  It's the running joke between me and the hubs when he ask if something is new (and I'm not sure what it says about us or me, but who cares, it's just fun).  Best answer yet was in response to a hat, "Yes, I got it at Walgreens"

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Back to the holiday hustle!


Shabbychicdiva said...

Very cute! Hearts are awesome! Happy Holidays~Winona

The City Boy said...

fun! merry christmas!

Blonde Episodes said...

So cute! Thanks for linking up honey! Have a very Merry Christmas! Kori xoxo

Julia Yvette said...

Mrs. Obama was seen wearing one recently too!

Annie said...

Love the heart sweater :)

The Other Side of Gray

Haute Dog said...

hahaha! I forgot about that. you'll have to amend this to include one of brian's super cute photos of you when he's back. xo

The Suburb Experiment said...

Aw. Those are cute heart sweaters. And that is a GOOD friend. Quick on her feet AND with your best interests in mind. :)


Cat said...

ha-ha ... what a great work friend (and quick too!). Sounds like you found yourself the perfect sweater!!!! xx Cat

Dawn said...

Love these sweaters...where is yours? I need to see it! dawn xo

Bestie said...

dawn, finally posted mine :)