Monday, June 04, 2012

Full Disclosure

Sometimes I get the impression that most mom bloggers are insanely organized with perfectly cleaned homes and meals coming out of the oven from scratch on a daily basis.  Maybe it's all the great tips and tidbits that they share with their readers that gives me this impression.  Full disclosure here:  This is not one of those blogs and I am not one of those moms, but you may have already guessed that.  I will fully admit that I am organizationally challenged and my house can go from clean to crazy in a nano-second and going the reverse (from crazy to clean) takes thousands of seconds.  I have many piles that look like photo below all over my house, which is why I am over the moon happy that school is out and I can get through these piles of paper that come home in the backpacks.  I know, I know that I should be going through them, as they come out of the backpack, over a recycling bin, but I don't.  I let it all pile up until I am near nervous breakdown and close to being chosen as the next cast member of Hoarders.

But here is my dilemma.  In these piles are little precious things like this one below, which leads me to another full disclosure about how this sweet little project was explained.  As I pulled this out of the backpack and read it, my eyes instantly began tearing as I turned to my son and asked, "Oh, did you write this in school today?"  My heart was warming and any mom guilt I had was beginning to dissolve as I waited for his response:  "Oh yeah, Mom, I couldn't decide what do write so I copied Collin's."  My silly me response of, "Of course, you did honey" was caught by my husband as we exchanged expressions - his seeming a little more smirky than mine :)  Ahh, the honesty....the honesty.  My son did another project for which he wrote that he was thankful for his "kinda the best Mom" as he was told not to copy the teacher's who had written, "the best mom."

But how do I part with precious artwork, mother's day gift, and all the sweet things of a four and five year old?  Have a good organizing / what to toss system to share?

Looking forward to getting organized and letting summer mode engulf this house!!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Ah the honesty. Don't you just love it? And my house goes from clean to messy faster than I can blink!

momto8blog said...

cleaning and small kids do not go together.
You sons art work is a masterpiece...a keeper for life!!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

About Last Weekend said...

Lovely post - I am a HUGE thower-outer (in fact I kid myself that I am organised but in reality I just throw everything out) but I never throw out these little bits and even scraps of paper with their writing on...beautiful

two birds said...

i have a huge plastic bin in which i keep all of the things i deem keepable. report cards, mementos, mother's days cards. i keep a lot...but i also throw a lot away. this needs to be kept. what a cute card!

Katie said...

that is a funny story. : ) and everyone has messes! I appreciate honest pictures!!

Torrie said...

love this. i've had many similar moments w/ my kids :).

you are so not alone. i have been living in pure clutter (as i've repeatedly shared as of late on the blog) for far too long.

we kept mostly everything of jacob until just these past couple of weeks, we went through every single item in their 'keepsake bins'. we realized that some items (random pieces of artwork that he brought home from school that we automatically kept and stored away in the bin) were not really items that had any sentimentality, so we got rid of those (believe me- i wouldn't have been able to do it when he was little, and i thought EVERYTHING was special). we kept things with funny stories, writing, 'firsts' (first homework packets, spelling tests, etc), letters, and other special artwork, crafts, awards, or projects. they each have their own bin with room left to continue to fill up :).