Friday, June 01, 2012

Harajuku Mini


You know when you are shopping in a cute little children's boutique and everything is so darn stinkin cute but you know the price takes match the adorable prints and well-made designs?  This was my feeling the other day when shopping for a few new summer items for my daughter.  I was surrounded by one fun print after another!  But the best part came when I realized that I was in TARGET and the adorableness was a line by Miss Gwen Stefani herself - Harajuku Mini.  I am probably jumping in late in the game here as the line has been out for awhile, but the summer line is nearing perfection.  And now, I see that Target is doing a price cut on many of the items!

We also have this awesome grey jersey dress and romper.  100% cuteness!

Besties, it's been a busy few weeks and I have lots of reading and writing up on!
Don't give up on me yet.


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Torrie said...

love this line!! i was taking a break on shopping after the holidays (since we were totally stocked up, and "spent out"), so i have only just recently discovered these adorable clothes. hailey just wore her strawberry skirt and flower top yesterday! (really want that dress!!)