Friday, June 29, 2012


Besties, I am still getting organized here and haven't downloaded all the photos from our trip, nor have I finished unpacking.  Today is the day though (as I have told myself every day this week).

I have been in a thrifting mode this season and wanted to share some fantastically preppy finds:
Michael Kors never worn jellies, uber preppy tie for my little man, canvas nautical-ish belt for moi, never worn white jeans in the perfect length and classic not skinny, but not wide either fit and an amazing cozy sweater dress for fall.  And all for a total of $35 - it was a half off day!  Woot.

The jellies remind me of, well, of course the old jelly shoes we use to wear and also those meshed Esprit shoes from the late 80's - anyone? anyone?  They had holes and laces.

The jellies are several seasons old, but MK is doing a jelly sandal this season for $49.


Torrie said...

esprit!! ...and guess!!

ahh, memories.

thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. i forced myself to stay away for a long while (knew we had way too much stuff for me to add anything else in), but after our huge purge, of course it was time to start {thoughtfully} adding stuff back in :).

jeands said...

wow, great finds! I'm excited to see a full length photo of the jeans, I hope you'll do outfit post with that.

CC said...

Oh, I do indeed remember those jellies! :) The ones you got look way more classy and grown up though! ;) Sounds like you had a great thrifting day - those are the best aren't they. ;)