Monday, July 30, 2012

Club Sprouts: A Market Post

I feel so lucky to live just a few blocks away from one of the best markets in the city and I take full advantage of it.  And this summer I am making my kids take advantage of it by visiting the Club Sprouts tent for a weekly tasting or chef demonstration.  With every taste they do, they get their card punched.  It's pretty much like a coffee punch card, only better.  A few weeks ago, they had a little cooking demo set up where the kids could make their own Stone Fruit Salsa and let me tell you, it was YUM!

Some of the main ingredients:

diced peaches
diced apricots
diced cherries
chopped onions
topped with cliantro

I am going to make it again this week, it was so delicious!

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Dana @ five30three said...

That sounds delicious. I love fruit salsa!