Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Le look du moi

I am becoming quite jealous of my son's school uniform.  Each day, it's either the standard polo and navy shorts or gym uniform.  Plain and simple.  His outfit is always laid out neatly in his room for the next day because it's always the same.  If I could choose a uniform this month, it'd be this dress.  On my gym day, I'd wear is with these sneaks, on regular days, I'd pair it with ballet flats or ankle boots.  The dress would hang neatly in front of my closet, waiting for yet another day.  And I'd be happily sleeping right now instead of doing my third load of laundry...... 

my color choice
 Old Navy, $24.99

I was in between a small and medium, so I'll give a size update later.  Wishfully, I went for the small.


Amy said...

great idea for the uniform! i've been eyeing that dress as well.


Leopard and Lillies

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Oh that dress is cute!!!

Nat said...

I went to private school for 12 yrs and the best part was never having to come up with an outfit- as an adult I struggle with this all the time! I've been eying that Old Navy dress- it would make a great uniform.