Friday, September 07, 2012

Honesty is the best policy

Oh, the innocence and honesty of children can be so shocking at times.  So far, I have been enlightened about several areas of my body this summer through several honest observations by my children.
  • Mommy, do you have another baby in your tummy?  
  • Mommy, the area above your lip is fuzzy? 
  • Mommy, your legs are really big!
For everyone's information, the answer to the first question is no and the only answer to the second question is wax.  The first question leads me to my own questions of how to drop some pounds and feel a little lighter in my step.  And since I don't really have this answer, my next thought is what to wear during this time of proof that maybe eating drumsticks after 10pm maybe isn't the best choice.  But have you tried the new ones with caramel filling and chocolate cone coating?  Anyway, instead of talking about how I am considering going gluten free or the next exercise tend I may try, I am just going to give a few "just cover it up" items - which could also crossover into early maternity fashion tips.  Because it doesn't matter what you are hiding, it just needs to stay hidden.  Continuing my Old Navy love this week, here are a few items that may get me over my hump-pun intended.

For the gym (at which I will be spending a lot of time), this draw string workout top will do - bring on the extra bubble.
Active bubble tank $16.94

For the day to wear with a tee or chambray shirt - vertical V stripes please.
Foldover jersey skirt $19.94

Basic anytime, anywhere top - i'm a sucker for sleeves with button tabs 
(who actually likes the word top?)
3/4 Button tab shirt $20.00

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torrie said...

i've got a $10- coupon... NEED to go till i get over my "hump" as well. love your writing style :).