Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random musings.....

If someone saw my house right now, I am pretty sure they would think I was mentally ill - or at least in need of intense therapy.  There is a rhyme to my reason though as I am emptying each room to the bones and only returning what's appropriate.  

Someone got hit by a car this morning at the intersection we cross everyday to get to school.  I shielded the kids from the scene, but on the way back, they were hosing down the street.  Not a good sign and I was saying a prayer in my head for that poor person whose life was changed in a millisecond.  A good wake-up call to cherish and make the most out of each day.  Not a good motivator for my first point - as organizing and cleaning doesn't quite equal "seizing the day" in my book.  But, at least I am here to do it.  

Sticking with the downer topic of getting hit by a car, the other night I was standing just down from the curb and this car swerved and came within inches of me.  My friend, who was right next to me, was scared and couldn't get to me to push me back - as she could she it happening but I was looking the other way.  I felt the wind from the car, but luckily, was not touched.  Another reminder to stay back from the curb AND that my day of cleaning may not be worth it.

Changing the topic and tone completely now.  I went to see stand-up comedy last night. At first, I was telling my husband I was too tired to go, to which he replied, "Oh, so you're too tired to go laugh for a few hours."  And...I was out the door.  All six comics were hilarious with the headliner starting out as the least funny.  And maybe it was because she was using all my standard jokes:  She joked about needing a xanax in the dressing room as she was trying to fit into a pair of jeans (used it).  She used the one where she is so stressed that she grinds her teeth at night and needs to wear a night guard, which isn't so sexy (said it).    And a lot of the standard mom jokes - she knows every animal sound...she smiles and says it's okay that her kid just got poop on his hand while in  her head she is screaming (%*(#$)....But, in the end, she was really funny and totally delivered!!  There's nothing more nerve racking to me than improv and stand up comedy.  Not that I've ever been nerve racked by it - because of course i've never done it.  But, if there is any class I could take that would swipe me completely out of my comfort zone and into the fetal position, it would be improv.

Note to self:  Don't drink three italian espresso shots during an evening out unless you want to count every crack on the ceiling eighty times over.  I attended an "All things Italian" expo the other night and the free flowing espresso by Umbria was too tempting not to be tried - yes, tried three times.  More on the Italian Expo later.

How are you liking this font?  As much as I want this blog to feel consistent, both in design and content, I am too scatter-brained to make a decision on defining that look.  So, my look is no look, I guess.

One of my espresso shots....looks good right now as it's 9am.  At 9pm, not so much.

Carpe Diem!  You knew that was coming.


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

OH MY GOD that is for this morning. As far as the cleaning, I do that too. Creating ordered in any way I can to balance out the chaos I can't control. And yea....maybe no more coffee ;)

torrie said...

first of all, like i just said in my message- what a sad way to start the day. i have never witnessed anything like this, and i cannot even imagine how horrifying it would be.

secondly (on a lighter note)~ toootally right there with you in regards to the improv. i am equally amazed and terrified... amazed at their unbeknownst-to-me talent, and terrified at the mere thought of me ever being in that type of position.

last- not sure if you've ever noticed, but i change my font all of the time! depends on my mood... on the mood of the post. (looks like today was an "italicized mood" for you. :)

About Last Weekend said...

Yes I def need to stop whining so much - and stop trying to always be tide - and do a bit more of the carpe diem.

About Last Weekend said...

Oops I mean tidy, obviously don't have those standards with the spilling, er peling, speling...