Thursday, February 07, 2013!

in honor of my birthday tomorrow, i am restocking some closet essentials.  but i could use your help, as i'm pretty sure the j crew ribbed tanks just aren't cutting it anymore.  Anyone?

Favorite tees

Favorite tanks

Favorite fitted boyfriend jeans

and then i need your help with simple black pumps.  i purchased the first ones, despite the fact that the sales guys brought them to me with a "now, I hope you don't think these are too old ladyish because they are really comfortable."  not knowing what to make of that, especially after i had been accosted by the supersales girl (think cape with a bid S on it) at the premiere skin kiosk.  two minutes into her demo (who am i to reject some extra miracle serum), she asked, "what are you, like 25?" to which i could not contain my laughter and neither could she really - appreciating her sales effort, but calling her bluff, i walked away with half my face looking 10 years younger, while the other stayed the same.  not really, but moving on.  after trying on several pairs of pumps - and having the sales guys actually ask me,  in complete seriousness, if i had ever walked in pumps before, i went with the "comfortable" option.  but after just now googling them for a photo here, i realize that the name contains FLEX...never a good sign when trying to get a little sexy on for a saturday night event.  Shoot.....HELP!

Attilio Giusti Leombruni Patent Flex Pump

the second option that i left behind.  second verse, same as the first, but a little bit sexier?  

vince camuto

any recommendations for a sexy pump that i can actually walk in, dance in, stand in for four plus hours?


Rachel Waters said...

I used to run around in air technology is key :) they also make them in closed toe

torrie said...

i'm picky about my tanks... bought a bunch at banana (used to be a great source for them), but they roll up too often, and aren't quite long enough or low cut enough. gap, old navy- not good (except some at old navy for sleeping/working out in).
all that to say- i have the best luck at target for tanks!

tees- still on the hunt. i have a stylemint one that is the perfect fit, but most of their shirts offered are long sleeve/dressier.

boyfriend jeans/pumps (?? ...need to get out more, clearly ;))

happy birthday again!! xoxo

Allie said...

I prefer the Vince Camuto pair!

bestie said...

so i left the granny pumps behind and bought a sexier pair. at the end of the night, i wanted to saw my feet off, but i think it was worth it. thx for the advice!!

bestie said...

Rach! Great reco. I'm going to check these out for sursies!

Sara L. Price said...

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