Wednesday, February 13, 2013

you arrrrgh awesome!

i'm pretty sure my decision to make these homemade valentine's with my son was a result of a major case of mom guilt, temporary insanity, and a slight urge to open that hot glue gun that's been sitting in my the package.  luckily, my daughter opted for the $1.99 doggie/kitty vtine tattoo pack at walgreens, so we only had to do a little doctoring to those.  these pirate patches, however took a little longer.  not too long though and my son's interest in the glue gun kept him on task.  but let me tell you that my table looks nothing like it does in this how-to video.  nor were my kids falling all over each other with adorable laughs and hugs.  i did put my extra glue sticks in a ball glass jar though. ding!


Oh Sunnie Day said...

lol at least they came out really cute!



torrie said...

these are adorable amy!!

i can totally relate to the "unopened packages" sitting in my closet...