Thursday, July 22, 2010

German Pancake!

Repost from 7.22 - One of my favorite easy smeasy recipes

I truly don't know how I ever lived without this recipe! I was flipping pages in a cookbook when I came across a recipe that had so few ingredients, and all that were in my cabinet, that it instantly caught my eye! I have not been known for my cooking, but ever since having children, I try, I really try to cook and bake from scratch when I can.

The problem with the original recipe that I saw, was that it called for something like a dozen eggs, which I didn't have. So, I went to the internet and found this great recipe.

It's my go to recipe when we want a baked item for breakfast. The best part is that you can serve it with anything...jam, powdered sugar, syrup, fresh fruit, anything. It's pretty much like the German version of the Crepe.

I add all spice or nutmeg to this recipe for a little added flavor.


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