Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rise and Shine

It's 6am at the lake house...everyone is sleeping EXCEPT for my two kiddos. Coffee is NOT brewing, paper is NOT here and kids are READY to go. After stalling with an hr of the Disney Channel, the natives are getting restless and the house is still sleeping. Down the back stairs and out of our sleeping quarters, which is the loft above the garage, we have made it out! Off to the farmer's market we go (sans coffee though, which is a little nerve racking).

We arrive at the Michigan City Mainstreet Assocation's Farmers Market to find that Lakeshore coffee has added a tent! Someone is looking out for me today. This is where we try our first pastry, a chocolate croissant.

Amish baked goods. Sampled a loaf of cheese/bacon bread...tastes as good as it sounds!

Tried our second pastry (apricot croissant) from this little gem of a tent from Truffles Bakery.,+IN&cid=1094366468920430968

The sunflowers were electric!

And after awhile, it was safe to return to the house and pack up for the beach!

Thank you, market!

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