Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reunion 101

It just dawned on my husband that all my workout and shredding efforts all come down to one thing:  College Reunion.  Despite my protests that I have always been focused on getting to the couch gym, he may have me here.  But it's not just the reunion, it's a little upcoming trip to NY, it's a family reunion in June, a potential San Francisco wedding in July, it's not having my arms look larger than my head (which is how a lot of photos of me turn out...therefore resulting in constat de-tagging on Facebook).  My friends now know to watch for the A.T.H.R (arm to head ratio).  In true Tina Fey spirit of revealing not so flattering photos, I will go out on a limb here and post an example...(if you haven't ready Bossypants, I highly recommend it for some really really great laughs).

this will NOT be happening this summer
Let's get back to my reunion packing and how I plan to wow everyone (if you are not sensing my sarcasm...well, then, i guess you are not sensing my sarcasm) with the appearance of having it together.  I need to pack for two nights and one afternoon of beer tents on the Notre Dame campus.  Hmmm, what does one wear to a beer tent?  I suppose my old go-to of Gap jeans, braided leather belt, sweatshirt and ponytail sticking out of my baseball cap is no longer going to fly?  I know, it's a sexy visual....what i AM trying to visualize is the contents of my suitcase for summer weekend getaways.  I'm working on it....want to work on it with me?  Summer packing 101!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I hate packing for things like that. I just over think it way, way too much.

fashion wanna-be said...

Girl - always remember to "Rock The Arm" to help with the ATHR :) Looking forward to our outfitting conference call! xo

Haute Dog said...

I'm crying I'm laughing so hard...at your INSANITY!!! You are a hot mama.

Anonymous said...

first of all...you look FABULOUS!

second of all...my reunion is this year too...where has the time gone!??!?!

good luck with it ALL! <3

Torrie said...


Cracking me UP.

Yes- I totally get it. You have a lot to prepare for!! (It's funny, how husband's don't always understand these "motivators." :) Ryan keeps telling me (in my bouts of frustration that that the results aren't coming fast enough) that 'I look good(!!)', and 'why am I stressing(??)'

(But you seriously do look good in that picture. =)

Torrie said...

Oh- I almost forgot... I had no idea that you can 'de-tag' on FB!! How??

Jess said...

Hahahah - You're seriously cracking me up. I haven't read Tina Fey's book yet, but now you are making me want to read it, for sure.

And I ironically have a college reunion coming up in a couple weeks too, so I hear you on the exercising!

xo jess

Bestie said...

Danielle - I always overthink the packing too...which I will be doing tonight inbetween underthinking while watching the bachelor.

You may also call a conference call between me and fashion wanna-be a bit of overthinking as well. :)

Megan, Jess, HD, thx for stopping by!!

Bestie said...

There is usually a de-tag button under the photo!!!!

Torrie said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.