Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spanish Asparagus

Our family is on huge asparagus kick.  With all the beautiful fresh asparagus making a bi-weekly appearance at the farmer's market, it's hard to resist.  Here is a super easy and delicious recipe I discovered at Trader Joe's.  Of course you can make your own hollandaise sauce (and I would be super impressed if you did), but I let Joe make mine and he left it in the refrigerated section of the store for me.

  • 1 lb steamed asparagus, then cut into inch long pieces
  • 4-5 slices of Prosciutto, fry in a skillet until crispy
  • Hollandaise sauce 


Happy Tuesday!


Ana Degenaar said...

We LOVE asparagus around here too.

Diana Mieczan said...

Im also all about asparagus lately! Have a great day, my dear

Torrie said...

I've been craving asparagus ever since your last post (the picture at the farmer's market), and I still haven't bought any!!

TODAY- at TJ's for sure. :)

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

One of my favorite asparagus recipes!-- http://pinterest.com/pin/7015352/


Anonymous said...

Looks so good! We *finally* have a TJ's opening "near" us (an hour away)--before we had to go to Seattle to shop there. :)

Megan said...

duly noted! maybe i'll see you at the market in the a.m.

The Suburb Experiment said...

That Joe. He's so thoughtful. :)

I do love TJ's. I wish it was a wee bit closer. You can't beat their almost-made meals for convenience and at least you know it's not HORRIBLE for you.


Bestie said...

megan, it's a date! xx

Bestie said...

we are spoiled with have three trader joe's all within a mile or two. yep, that that joe.