Sunday, August 14, 2011

hot or cold?

My five year old is going to kindergarten and I was just getting all teary eyed when discussing it with my husband.  It could've been due to all the paperwork that is required just to get an education, but I think it's more about sending my baby off into the world.  I had asked my son earlier in the day if he wants to do hot lunch or take his own and he looked at me like I was nuts because HE HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT BECAUSE HE IS ONLY FIVE - FIVE! - AND I STILL MAKE HIM RIDE IN A STROLLER AND YES, SOMETIMES I EVEN GIVE HIM DRINKS IN A SIPPIE AND HE HAS A BAR ON THE SIDE OF HIS TODDLER BED TO PREVENT HIM FROM FALLING OUT.  Who is even going to make sure that he can get his milk open? Who is going to make sure that he eats his lunch? WHO? WHO??????
Yes, I may need to be talked off the ledge here.  Anyone have a smoke...ok, just kidding...inside joke during a certain singledom life..many moons ago.  But seriously, how is my son going to survive without being under my protective little bubble that i have been conveniently been keeping him in since those crazy nurses at the hospital actually let me and my husband (two clueless adults) walk out of that hospital with a less than 48hr old baby ALONE.  I remember sitting next to my son in his carseat the day we drove him home.  I think my husband drove 20mph, yes, 20mph through the city of Chicago, and I sat in the backseat huddled over our new little bundle. And then we got him home, set the carseat in the middle of the living room, and just stared at him "ok, now what?"  Well, all night feedings, diaper changes, walks around the neighborhood in the sling, then bjorn, then wrap, whatever it could take to get him to sleep, then giggles, sitting up, finally sleeping through the night, books, smiles and just pure fun.   But, again, this has all been under my type A, super controlling, overprotective watch.
the day we brought him home
(when my house used to be super clean)
I know that I have to deal with this next phase of my life.  This phase that no longer includes diaper, highchairs, or mommy/baby music classes.  And I'll get over it..I will..and I am starting to enjoy it, but until then, my back to school supply list is going to include a lot of kleenex boxes and maybe a few stiff drinks.  


Torrie said...


Such a bittersweet moment. It will be sad, but seeing their excitement when they get home, and hearing about all of the stuff that they did/learned makes it easier to handle. Turns it from sad to happy pretty quick. Good luck- When does he start? I'll be thinking about you! xo

Stephanie said...

ahhhhh, i know the bittersweet feeling of goodbyes, although you are definitely still in the bitter phase. ;) you'll be okay, promise. my youngest starts pre-school in about a month and i'm having some of your same feelings! hang in there. =)

your blog looks beautiful. i haven't been visiting blog land much, nice to be back.

Lisa said...

If you are like me, you will get teary eyed when u drop off on the 1st day - they look so little with their big backpacks!!! Can they possibly be ready for the big kids school?! But it does just keep getting better!!! & you will be amazed at the growth he will experience - like a caterpillar into a butterfly - it is beautiful to watch. But I am sure I will get a few tears again the 1st day this year when I drop off for 2nd grade (is it possible?!) & then I will brush them off, head to Starbucks & then to th gym for some "me" time. Ahh, life will be good. :)

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

It's crazy how fast they grow isn't it? I'll have a drink with you/for you/for me ;)

Bestie said...

ahhh, lisa now you are talking..starbucks, gym, alone? ok, that helps. i know we all go through it. thx for the support girlies!!! ♥♥♥♥

p.s. his uniform arrived today...more tears.

Anonymous said...

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