Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chambray copycat...A market post

This is the first person I saw at the market last Wednesday. 

Then I went home and got dressed for work.
my son took this photo; next bill cunningham?

i didn't have the fancy long necklace (i am not much of a necklace person)
so i improvised with this one my son made; i've also been wearing my "gold chain" from high school and layering with others.

Sometimes it takes a little reminder of what's in your closet and how you could put things together.


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Very cute! Love the necklace ;)

Torrie said...

1) You are so cute.
2) When are you moving to CA? :)
3) I love that you took a picture of her and recreated the look with what you had.
4) Love that you included your son's necklace.
5) Can't think of anything else, so have a good day!!

Dawn said...

I love your outfit posts!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo more please!

Estelle said...

Love the necklace that your son made you. So cute and totally finishes the outfit. =)

About Last Weekend said...

You look so lovely in your chambray shirts - you really should do more!!! Great! And that necklace is priceless. I have a similar one from my Tallulah and it is much used and much loved.

Cat said...

I am constantly inspired by others ... even better when you can recreate a look with pieces you already own!

Love that chambray top on you :)

❤ Cat brideblu

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

Ha! I wore chambray with a floral skirt this week! I got a lot of compliments, and I bet that you did too! You look great!!

Bestie said...

cat, exactly!

♥ to all!