Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Farm

On a recent trip to our friends' cottage in Michigan, we had to figure out a dinner plan for one night because our friends had a family obligation.  Knowing we were going to be in the middle of food nowhere land, we did some advance research and stumbled upon a four star reviewed restaurant on Yelp.  A few reviewers said that they visited the area just so they could have dinner at The Farm Restaurant.  Sold.  I made a reservation.

The Farm is in the middle of a corn field in an older ranch style farmhouse.  The bar is tucked right at the end of field so the view out every window is rows and rows of corn.  There is something rather therapeutic and peaceful about staring in endless fields while sipping a drink.  The dining area was in the middle of a sun-filled, pine knotted floor room that probably used to be the dining and living rooms.  

And all was peaceful....we ordered dinner...the kids were sipping on kiddie cocktails....a woman was playing guitar close to our table....all was right, until  (cue the screechhhhh), my daughter practically fell asleep into her plate, right after her food arrived.  So, I held her and she slept on my lap.  And just as the grown-ups food arrived, my son announced that he had to go to the bathroom (#2 if not for t.m.i and he usually sits for a good twenty minutes). I managed to eat with one hand and my husband ate his cold food and our therapy came to an end.
Children of the corn.

It's going to be a busy back to school few weeks...will be back to regular posts soon.


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Oh man. Kids have the best timing don't they?

Torrie said...

Yes- it's been a busy week over here too, so I can relate!

Per your post- I LOVE those kind of places, and we have been there oh so many times (kids falling asleep, throwing up, you name it :)).

Good luck these next few weeks!!!!!!