Wednesday, August 31, 2011

loving lately

Thought I would change the subject to one of my faves....products, also a good distraction from the back to school chaos!  A few I have been loving lately:

BUTTER Nail pain in shade Yummy Mummy!

Love this line of nail polish for it's "3 Free" push...meaning that it's free of three terrible ingredients that I can't pronounce and definitely don't want penetrating my nails...I'd rather take my chemicals in the form of Diet Cokes, wrinkles reducers, and teeth whitening products, thank you very much.

Yummy Mummy is Butter's best neutral shade...they have yet to come out with the ballet slippers or east hampton cottage equivalent.

BENEFIT'S Bathina! 

I can't believe that I haven't shared my love of this product with you all yet.  Going on three years of a total love affair with Bathina.  For all you pasty white girls, this one's for you and me (remember, I don't go in the sun).  I use this product on my arms, legs, and neck to give them an overall smooth, even toned appearance.  Bathina creates subtle highlights and an illuminance that creates the illusion that you are not completely and totally the color of a marshmallow.  Side note:  I was with the kids at swim lessons the other day and this little girl pointed to my son and said, "Mommy, why is that boy so white?  He's the whitest boy I have ever seen."  Her mother's response:  "Maybe he doesn't get to play outside very much."  Yes, or maybe his mommy is smart and is not going to let her five year old get a tan....B#*&%!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I just bought a very similar nail color last week. And I need to check out that other product. B and I are both white white. RBB too. And proud of it! Sunscreen Mamas unite!

fashion wanna-be said...

I heart products...and you! :)

Torrie said...

I'm going to the mall today or tomorrow... totally buying that. Thank you!

Used to use Benefit products (my first ever "tan" lotion) but I haven't for while. Until the other day, I ordered BadGalLash Mascara and was intrigued by so many of their products! Do you use anything else?

Bestie said...


I also use YouRebel Lite that I posted about here

And 10 a duo highlighter bronzer for the cheeks but i DUO that by also using it on my eyes as a shadow...the highlighter is perfect for covering and brightening the lids but still keeping it looking fresh and natural!

BadGal fan too...but haven't used in awhile...since I started using this

Have fun shopping!

About Last Weekend said...

Im going to try a paler pink this week. have been doing orange for way too long now (or dark purple for winter)

domestic dish said...

I have been a bathina lover for a few years, it smells so great and I love how it feels.