Monday, September 12, 2011

All for

This is what $150 looked like to me last week.  Since I have yet to go through my closet and put my fall wardrobe into place, I am hesitant to spend a lot of money on any clothes.  I plan on putting it all into a handbag and boots and just adding a few small low priced items when necessary. honor of my new plan, I hit two places last week to see if there were any bargains and this is what I walked away with.

1.  Ann Taylor (never wear this brand but they fit perfectly...) trowser jeans - Mercy Beaucoup resale
2.  Calvin Klein angora/cashmere blend gray sweater with some hardware on the shoulders - Mercy Beaucoup resale
3.  Ted Baker skirt -Mercy Beaucoup resale
4.  Red Berry Gingham - Mercy Beaucoup resale
5.  Polka-dot shirt - Old Navy
6.  Gray Oxford shoes - Old Navy

Most items were purchased at Mercy Beaucoup, a designer resale shop that 100% benefits the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, an organization that we often give to and that offers a home for children in need.  I have always been a supporter of this organization so when they opened up this shop down the street from me, I was delighted that my shopping was actually doing something good for someone else.  This shop is also going to start accepting children's donations so I'll be donating items as we outgrow them.

You can see all the good they are doing here!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

great finds!

fashion wanna-be said...
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fashion wanna-be said...

WHY OH WHY do we live in separate cities?? These puchases are GENIUS! xo

The Suburb Experiment said...

I like when I'm shopping and supporting a good cause. We have a thrift shop pretty close to our house that does wonderful things for the community.

I like your choices! It looks like everything will be easy to incorporate. I've been trying to stick to a budget this season and it actually makes it more fun (I think.) :)


Mel said...

I had no idea that resale shop existed. Thanks!