Monday, October 31, 2011

Flapper Fashion!

although i was trying to take in the character and be dramatic, this looks says, "why can't you ever figure out my camera?"
and, why can't he?

Last week, I wore my late grandmother's dress to a costume party.  I went as a flapper.  My grandmother's dress was her performance dress from a little barber shop style singing group that she was in called Sweet Adelines.  It is/was a national group and she was a member of one of the regional chapters.  If only I had a photo of her in it

What I do have is a page from my other grandmother's photobook.  I was going to cut out the photos and paste them but I love my grandmother's handwriting and stickers.  My grandmother is in the middle two and right photos.  Her friend, Grace (as listed) is on the left.  Don't you just love old photos that capture moments of your loved ones before you knew them.  Makes me want to turn back time and be a fly on the wall.  Like who are these boys she was hanging out with in Albany?  And what color what that dress on the right?  I do know that my great-grandmother made all of my grandmother's clothes...even her wedding dress, which will be featured in a future post.


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I love that you were able to wear her dress...and you look great. Those old picture are too fun. I love stuff like that. We used to have a ton hanging in our old house.

And yes...Chicago is next on the list for sure. We love it there and know it would be a great trip with B. And I'd get to meet you!

Torrie said...

Loved your comment on Danielle's travel post :).

So, as for this post- GORGEOUS. That top one- that look- totally has the Michelle Pfeiffer vibe goin' on.

...And I just love hearing about your grandmother... love the pre-digital era, where picture handled with care and were few and far between (compared to now).