Friday, February 10, 2012

Organized Chaos

Besties, I've been working nonstop lately and, unfortunately, this little place falls lower on the priority this when the organized chaos sets in.  A few things to wrap up the week:

I did find a few moments to celebrate my Birthday with some of my favorite little people.  We had a cake party at 7am (just in case I got home too late, the kiddos would've been crushed)

Thanks so much to Torrie for a lovely audio book recommendation:  Diane Keaton's Then Again 

Thanks to my husband for my new shades...keeping me hip.

Snapshot of my desk the other night, yes, that's NIGHT

Next week, we will be leaving reality for fantasyland and heading down to Disney World and spending a few days at the beach.  Kids' suitcases are packed.  Mine is not.  And I don't have a gameplan really for Disney, which is stressing me out.  Any tips for 3 and 5 year olds.

Note:  My sister used to live in Orlando and I would fly there often.  I was single, maybe a little bitter, and never looked forward to heaps of kids with mickey ears, spreading out all over the terminal.  Now, I am those people.  Funny, how time flies.


fashion wanna-be said...

Too funny! Love the Orlando bit...and loving the shades! Way to go hubby! VERY chic. Happy Birthday again and just relax and enjoy will all just happen if you let's the most magical place on earth! ;) xo

Torrie said...

ahhhh... you are so welcome!! i love the new shades- and that desk shot is too funny... wine, coffee... can't tell what that can is... advil (i'd title that pic- VICES) :).

Disneyworld... HOW FUN!!!!!! share a few pics for us on fb/twitter... please! :) xoxo (good luck packing... NO fun)

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great week!!!! Best to not be all planned out for Disney - just go with the flow....I was all overly planned and felt like I had to make the most of our time, when they really loved the hotel pool best!!!! Lol. Go with the flow & just enjoy the moments! They are so sweet! Bring a princess dress for lauren (she will want to wear it at magic kingdom - lots of adrable princesses running ariund!) and learn how to use the fast pass!!!! Have FUN!!!!!!! Xo

the {Postscript} blog said...

Ahh Disneyworld!!!! That's so fun, i bet your kids will love it!
good luck packing!

Dawn said...

HI Bestie, i love your updates. That is what my desk would look like as well. Love the new shades, I just lost my best sunglasses...bummer. I must be bitter too because I have been to orlando 4 or 5 times and have not made it to Have a great time darling. See ya soon. Dawn Suitcase Vingette xo

Bestie said...

lisa, thx for the tip on the princess dress. i would've never thought of that. belle and cinderella are packed!