Wednesday, February 29, 2012

C is for Comfort!

This post was going to be all about balance, but instead I think it's going to be all about the ABC's.  When I get stressed, start worrying about the kids, about whether I'm not home enough, and questioning choices, I always seem to go back to a comfort place.  And that place happens to be my iPhoto library.  Watching videos of the kids when they were younger comforts and settles me.  Although, I don't prefer to post a lot of photos of my kids here, this one is rather outdated, so I think I'll let it slide.

A few more ABC's:

A.  BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR VOTES!  Goodies&Besties made it into the Top 25!

B.  Goodies&Besties is also now part of the Blogher Publishing Network, so you will see ads from time to time and links to other Blogher posts.

C..The amount of support and friendship that I have found through this blogging adventure is quote incredible.  I have "met" so many amazing women whose words inspire, photos impress, and relationships influence, that it's hard to believe that I have never talked to most of them face to face.  

D.  Huge thanks to Dawn of Suitcase Vignettes (who is one of the women I am referring to in "C") for rallying support for Goodies&Besties votes!  Check out her beautiful blog and you will be blown away by her thrifty eye and good heart!

E.  Bestie (the  other night - and this is a FB repeat):  "Mommy, can we pretend I'm your baby again?"
Yes, please.


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Top 25!!!!!!!! Whoooo HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Torrie said...

ahhh... love all and definitely agree with "c"... and CONGRATULATIONS- on being in the top 25, and on blogher!!

domestic dish said...

I am SO excited for you!! And love getting to see your little lovebug sing. Too cute.

About Last Weekend said...

Top 25! You are awesome! Good on you!

Dawn said...

I'm so happy for your accomplishments. You had a lot of votes. Congratulations. Thank you for the mention, that was such a great surprise to see. I stopped by to tell you I love your gifted socks...they look great in the photos and I love how they look on you. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo