Monday, August 13, 2012

Pizza on the grill

Check.  Grilling pizza with the kids had been on my to do list all summer and we finally tried it last week.  Although, grilling pizzas is a lot more involved that I anticipated and after a busy work day may not have been the ideal dinner choice, but we sliced and diced our way to the end.

We started with two bags of dough from Trader Joe's (one whole wheat and one white flour).
After researching some pizza grilling tips, I tried to get the kids to roll out the dough as evenly as possible for a chance at even cooking.  Quickly, realizing this was not going to happen, I gave up, and cut the dough so that we had four pizzas.

Another tip I read is to place parchment paper on top of the dough and oil the side that is not touching the paper.  Well, I completely forgot this one and had already oiled the dough when it was still on the cutting board.  Luckily, the dough still stuck to waxed paper as I was able to place the oiled side onto the paper, flip it and oil the other side, before placing on grill.  I believe that this worked better because I avoided having to brush the oil onto the dough when it was on the grill.  

After the dough started bubbling, we flipped it, and since the second side was already oiled, we added sauce, cheese and ingredients.

Mom's Combination #1
on whole wheat crust
(which really consisted of my pulsing basil, garlic, oil, and parm in the blender for five minutes)
Shredded Parm
Shredded Mozz
Diced Chicken
Diced Tomatoes

Lala's Combination #2
on white crust
Olive Oil
Green and Red Peppers
Shredded Mozz

Uneven dough rolling makes the crust all the more yummier with a crispy, interesting texture
Oil both sides of the dough before placing on grill
Use waxed paper to put dough onto grill
Don't attempt if your significant other is hell bent on keeping the kitchen clean that night



Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

We tried once and it was a disaster. Totally stuck to the grill. I want to try it again though.

About Last Weekend said...

Will forward this onto hubby as he's the griller!

Haute Dog said...

try the dough from pasta puttana!! We found to be way easy to flip, much much more than whole foods dough. And a sprinkle of flour on the oiled dough just before it goes on grill also helps.

love the recipe combos! xo

I'm Torrie. said...

ahhh, the last part. SO. TRUE.

pizza is super wonderful, but can be quite time consuming... & quite messy :).

we had a grilled pizza superbowl party a couple of years back, and the key was PREPARATION!! :)