Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time Saving Tip: Life Stinks

Okay, so I am all about saving time.  In the morning getting ready for work...in the evening getting dinner on the table (you all know my ten minute prep or under rule), I just can't get enough time in the bank.  So, as I was doing another time saving task last week - otherwise known as dry shampoo - my super paranoid self (who only comes out about say, umm, every five minutes) decided to actually read the ingredients and it did not look good.  Monogliricidophate - the best collaborative word I could come up with based on what I read.  As I was contemplating the demise of my dry shampoo, I reached for my Life Stinks all natural powder deodorant and an epiphany struck down on me from the time gods...Why not use this ALL NATURAL powder to suck up that overnight oil from my hair.  Two second later I had what appeared (and that's all the counts here) to be freshly shampooed hair.  Amen to that!!  Seriously, I am de-toxing my beauty regiment BY THE MINUTE.  Couldn't be happier about this discovery.

BONUS TIP:  I also use this powder to "set" my all natural kick arse herbal ayurvedic DALLiia eye liner.  Snap!  And I just gave one away last week.

So, let's all raise a glass of organic wine to DALiiA and Life Stinks.  Taking beauty back to nature, one step at a time.


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Our parallel thoughts always crack me up! Great minds think alike!

blue roses said...

ooo, i have thick, blunt bangs that get oily very easily throughout the day... this could be a great option!


Dawn said...

Amy I feel so guilty about using my cheap dry shampoo. This is a great. Where do you buy your beauty products? Dawn suitcase vignettes xo