Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Pretty Edgy

It's been a while since my last product review and I realized that I never shared with you my latest eyeliner obsession.  Real Simple magazine had me at "it's natural so you can use on the inner eyelid."  The Amazon order was made within minutes of reading that blurb and my Daliia was in hand and on my inner lids within a week.  This eyeliner is quite magical in that is self sharpens (because who can ever find the right size sharpener), comes in a perfect little case with hidden mirror (yeah, i broke mine, hello 7 years), and is easy to apply.  It's considered an Ayurvedic product in that it's made with herbs and is all natural.  I love the pop that inner lid liner brings to the eye.  It's stunning and perfect with mascara; no other makeup necessary.  
Note:  If using with a cream shadow, make sure to add a top layer of powdered shadow to prevent smudging.  
Happy lining!

It's a double review.  Lucky you.  
With all the lovely lavendered and blue hued toes walking around out there, I decided to go green with this Essie shade from the 2010 collection. Because that's pretty much how I roll, about two years behind.  Plus, I'm pretty edgy, just ask me.
Happy painting!

pretty edgy 
only $6.99 @ eNail Supply


About Last Weekend said...

OOh I do like that colour nail polish, my eyelids are so wrinkly I just use a brown powder, but maybe I should give this a go!

Feyi and Natasha said...

I really like the layout of your blog, and your banner at the top of the page.