Thursday, February 03, 2011

Blizzard Night Dinner

Pesto Linguini is a favorite meal in this house.  Although, it's always good, I always find that something is a little off.  Like too little garlic, or this could've used a little more pepper, and so on and maybe, this is because I get lazy and DON'T FOLLOW A RECIPE.  On Tuesday night, the night of The Big Storm, we enjoyed the best Pesto yet and perhaps it was because I FOLLOWED A RECIPE to the tee.  Maybe cooking is a science?!

We topped the Linguini with some amazing Gran Panada (we call it gran modonna) cheese from a cheese wheel.  I just produced a cheese job and brought home some beautiful leftovers from the set.
The kids each had two platefuls.  The husband and I enjoyed a great, el cheapo bottle of wine (made from organic grape,s by the by) from TJ's, which I talked about here.  
And dessert:  Cannolis from TJ's...which were pretty good.

My 4yr old ended dinner with this joke:

Mr. C: Knock Knock

Us:  Who's there

Mr. C:  Cannoli

Us:  Cannoli who?

Mr. C:  Canolli Buy Some More

A successful dinner that distracted the kids from the hollowing winds banging at our back door.  

two spoonfuls left from a 16oz pkg

And, a few photos from the blizzard....


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Yum! I love fresh pesto!

Vanilla said...

wow those cars are buried! thats a lot of snow :)

Love, Vanilla

Torrie said...

I love pesto, and that looks and sounds wonderful (totally hungry right now:). Wow... I can't believe that weather!!