Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweats in Disguise

I love sweats in disguise as fashion pieces! Glam up a sweatshirt with a funky zipper detail: I'm in! Fleece dress: slip it on me. Reverse hemmed sweatpants: born to live in 'em! I am really just a hoody wearing hayseed at heart, so bring on the glorified sweats!

pretty sure i will be living in this

pair it with my old navy sock slippers and i'm n for the night

J. Crew sequin sweatshirt
can't seem to locate it but last seen on the factory weekend sale

Left Field NYC
from 2007 lookbook (i know, so sad, not sure if still available)

Left Field NYC
(again, 2007 lookbook)
I've been had a pair of Left Field sweatpants for ten years and they are still my very favorite sweats
they use the best vintage sweatshirt fabric and Left Field is hard to find, so if you EVER see this logo, scoop it up and RUN!

Speaking of disguises...I was in several this weekend. One of a 20something wannabe dance party girl...one of a hotel bar mimosa sipping LADY...one of a spa going, white robe wearing lounger... I think the dance party girl disguise may have been my favorite though. As another dance party guy said to his friend, "just because they are married doesn't mean that they can't DANCE!" Muchas gracias girlfriends!


Styles 'n Cream said...

I love sweats in dusguise too. Some of this casual clothing so fabulous.

glitterandpearls.com said...

LOVE sweats in disguise. If I could, I would wear stretchy pants every day.

Lexi @ http://glitterandpearls.com

Lauren Grace said...

Thanks to your comment I immediately headed over to this post and love what you have here! I whole-heartedly agree :) XO