Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blowfish Boots

I have been loving the outfits that Sydney has been wearing in her recent blog posts on, The Daybook.
Love her feminine, yet casual style.
Love these Blowfish boots that I spied her rocking in several posts.  Especially love the price!  $69.  
Love being introduced to new brands.
Love that she is wearing Gap Kids jeans in the photo below.  
Remember the awesome sweater I found at Crew Cuts!  She is inspiring me to shop the kids section again (I am not too proud, maybe just a little too big :)
Love the photos and posts on her love.
What started out as a post on these simple boots, turned into a bit more.
Keep em coming, Syd.  Can I call you Syd?

Thanks for sharing....


Vanilla said...

She has great style :)

Love, Vanilla


Torrie said...

Love her, and her style (and posts about love!)...

She has taught me more about fashion, or should I say- revived my mojo- more than any other fashion blogger.

Anonymous said...

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